$99 iPhone - Would You Go to Wal-Mart for One?



You probaby heard that Wal-Mart is offering the 16GB iPhone for $97 with an AT&T contract. A friend of mine looked into this and found out that our local store was not participating.

Turns out a lot of Wal-Marts are not participating, according to the comments on this site. And lots of us -- including me -- do not care to patronize Wal-Mart because of their labor practices.

But we do like iPhones for less than $100, don't we? Well, I still haven't wrapped my head around the idea of paying $30 a month for the required data plan, but with a $100 phone it would sound a little more attractive.

Here are two ways to possibly get a 16 GB iPhone for under $100 bucks without going to Wal-Mart (which might not even have the thing and then you'll have defiled your shopping self by stepping into that store for nothing).

1. Get a refurbished one through AT&T for $99 with a new or extended 2-year contract.

2. Wait for the new iPhone to come out. Apple is expected to introduce a 4G iPhone June 7.

A friend of mine even heard from the customer service guy at AT&T's call center that they would be selling them for $99 once Steve Jobs announces the new iPhone. I called AT&T and my customer service agent would confirm no such thing, but it is well known that once a company launches a new product, the old model will sell for cheap.

So are any of you Frugalistas out there heading to Wal-Mart to look for cheap iPhones? Or waiting for the price drop to hit other outlets?

Or do you agree with Walletpop that the old iPhone would be a bad buy since the new one is expected to be so much better?

Or are you like me and still shudder at the thought of adding a $30 monthly bill to your budget?



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