DEAD DEAL: Kmart $10/$20 Coupon Makes Almost Everything Half Price




Print this Kmart coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase, or save it on your computer -- it's a PDF so you should be able to print as many of these as you want. A coupon of this high a value is rarely seen, especially one that you can print unlimited copies of, so I wouldn't expect it to last long on the Web site. And it doesn't expire until May 15!


This coupon is going to bring a lot of us into Kmart who don't normally shop there, which I suppose is the idea. Think about it. A jumbo pack of Huggies or Pampers diapers at Kmart is normally $9.99 -- with this coupon two packs would come out to be just $5 each, minus any manufacturer's coupons you bring. Or, say 12-packs of soda are $4 there. Buy five of them for $10, pretty much the lowest sale price that's ever seen.

Sometimes when Internet coupons are this high value, with no print limit, it's correct to be suspcious. But this all checks out to me. The Web site is The bar code is there. While the name of the PDF file says something about NYC, the text of the coupon clearly says "Valid at all Kmart store locations."

You might also want to know that Kmart will be doubling coupons in April. They're only going to let customers double five per day, enforced by a Kmart savings card this time, so a lot of us bargain shoppers were planning to blow it off. But this ... this changes everything.

There are restrictions on the coupon: certain merchandise doesn't qualify. But it looks like puh-lenty of stuff does, including those diapers that I will definitely be after.

Thanks to Bethany at My Brain Is Inside Out for the heads up! Photo from the Sears corporate Web site.



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Michael Van Der Harst said:

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Just so you know, there is a link for Chicago as well:

Carrie Kirby said:


Thanks, I changed it.

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


Thanks for this. What a great deal!

Kaylea said:

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Wow, nice link. Thanks!

mrsred1 said:

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Did anyone do as recommended, and save the file to their computer? If so, can you e-mail it to me? Is that legal?

Elaine said:

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If you find a coupon could you e-mail me Thanks

jr12 said:

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why wont it print?

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