Catalina Bonanza at Jewel-Osco

Tonight I got tired of hearing about all the great moneymakers and freebies people were getting with the new YourBucks program and the General Mills Catalina, so even though our house is busier than busy right now, I took an hour to myself after the kids went to bed to ravage my nearest Jewel-Osco.

I went to Jewel tonight with a $7 Catalina in my wallet, came home with $21 in Catalina coupons. The trip cost me $25.73 cash, however, which is quite a bite out of this week's $80 grocery budget.

But when you take into account the Catalinas I now have, it's like I paid $11.73 (including tax) for all this:



In the first transaction, I got four boxes of Wheaties Fuel for the GM Catalina (cost after card and coupons = $6, Catalina paid $7). I got two bottles of Nestle Quik for $2 and YourBucks paid me $2 right back, same with Ragu at $1.99, and then I got a Culinary Circle pizza for $3.99 and got back $1 in Yourbucks. I threw in some asparagus and bubbly water because we cannot live on Catalinas alone.

So I paid $15.18 for first transaction (including the $7 Catalina I walked in with), got back $12 in Catalina coupons.

I had also rung up 10 cans of Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate for the CHILL $10 Catalina deal, but it didn't print out. Turns out there are really only a few varieties of the juice that qualify -- I had to get all pineapple and cranberry because those were the only qualifying ones they had left. Oh well, good mixers, eh?

After returning my juice I said Damn! I forgot to buy a bottle of Suave for 89 cents to get a $2 YourBucks Catalina! But all was corrected in the second transaction.

In the second transaction I got two boxes Cheerios, one box Wheaties Fuel and two bags Nature Valley Nut Clusters. (Cost after card and coupons, $7.50, got the $7 Catalina back). I bought nine cans of Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate and one box of Edy's Fruit Bars for the CHILL deal (cost after card and coupons, $14.40, got the $10 coupon back). I got another $2 for Ragu and $2 for Suave, but somehow I failed to ring up the second bottle of Quik AND failed to notice that the $2 Cat didn't print for that. Wah! Now my "free" sugared milk cost me a buck.

Paid $29.55 for second transaction (including the $12 in Cats I had just earned), got back $21 in Catalina coupons.

I don't know when I've gotten so many Catalinas out in one transaction. Yay YourBucks!

(I spent about 90 minutes prepping and shopping this trip, and saed $60 -- which does NOT count the $21 Catalina coupons I earned!)

Tomorrow starts the Con-Agra and Kraft/P&G deals, but I won't be able to run any of them until Sunday or later. Save some stuff for me!



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