ChicagoPoints: They'll Pay You to Read the Paper Now

I'm not a huge fan of points rewards programs that require you to do stuff, and that pay you in the chance to win stuff. Am I being too negative on these programs?

I adore my SwagBucks, because once I installed the program on my computer I don't have to do anything else and I can cash in the points for actual gift cards -- not just the chance to win gift cards. I've read other people get excited online about Pampers and Huggies points and such, and I've been trying it out, but so far I've been kind of bummed because it's been a hassle to sit down and enter the points and I end up having empty diaper packages sitting around cluttering the place up and so far I haven't won anything from Huggies and don't have enough points to get anything on Pampers.

But if you like points programs, and if you get the Tribune, there's this ChicagoPoints program. In today's paper they provided a code for 2,500 points: 4DRA1Z. That's enough for a chance to win a $350 Sears gift card, or two chances at a $125 cash prize. I have no idea what the odds of winning these prizes is.

You can also use your points to play a slot machine type game which I should totally tell my Grandma about because she will play a slots game on her computer just for the fun of it. So maybe I could turn my points over to Grandma and have her turn them into a gazillion points on the slots.

It says there will be a bonus code in the Tribune every day from now on, near the lotto results. You can also earn points by filling out surveys, reading a newsletter and doing surveys.

And by the way, even though ChicagoNow is affiliated with the Tribune, nobody told me to promote this ChicagoPoints program. (They'd probably be pretty disappointed in my lukewarm assessment if they were paying for it, lol!)

Do you do points programs? Does the time invested seem to pay off, or does it seem like a waste?



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Oranges said:

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I saw that in the paper too, and it seemed like too much work for a chance to win. It seems to me that people who are cheap are not big on chances to win things. They don't play the lotto and they don't like casinos. The people I know who like to "Game" are the ones who are a little looser with their money. I'm not making a value judgment, just an observation in my experience. It takes all types.

Carrie Kirby said:


Maybe so. Another thing is that with all the blogs out there, there are SO MANY opportunities to win things that often take less effort and no investment. And there are ways we know we can count on getting a little something for our time and effort, like, say, signing up for Upromise. I guess that if I am going to take the time to sign up for something, which can often be a hassle, I want to be assured that I'm getting a reward, not just maybe getting one.

dgmarie said:


Carrie, since your blog is now affiliated with the Tribune by default, you are likely disqualified from entering this one I bet.

Carrie Kirby said:


Good point, dgmarie! Funny thing is, that actually made me feel relieved. As much as I try to be sensible about not spending time on things that aren't worth it, part of me just feels obligated to take advantage of any offer I can and not leave anything on the table. So realizing that I might not be allowed lets me off the hook.
Ridiculous but true.

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