Two Ways to Save Money on Coffee


Here are two different coffee deals, one for cheap coffee beans and one for steamin' hot cups of coffee:

1. Three boxes of premium coffee for $3, shipped? All you have to do is join our coffee of the month club with no obligation to buy anything else again, ever?

Sounds scammy, I know. But I can vouch that I personally took advantage of this offer from Gevalia and I got my 3 packs of quite delicious coffee (I think they were 12 oz. but I can't remember) and a travel mug. I called up as soon as I got the stuff and canceled in about 2 seconds, no hassle. And now apparently they have an organic variety you can choose.

Gevalia also has other no-obligation offers:

2. Bruegger's, the bagel shop, will open registrations for its "Bottomless Mug Club" for 2010 on Oct. 28. You pay a flat rate -- around $129 depending on location -- and get all the coffee or soda you want all year. That would certainly be a good deal if Bruegger's happens to be near your work or home or along your commute -- as long as you went every third day or so, you'd probably be saving money. However not everyone thinks their coffee is anything to write home about so obviously try it before you plunk down over 100 buckeroos. 

Photo by Refracted Moments, used via Creative Commons license.



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Tan said:

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Good coffee deal at Jewel this week on Seattle's Best courtesy of Mashup Mom....

she also posts a rebate for the coffee as well so you can get FREE coffee even if you don't have coupons or a preferred card

Enjoy the java...

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