Deal Report: $1 Meals at Boston Market

Because there was no line at KFC last night, I kind of hoped that not that many people had heard about the Boston Market deal and that it would be dead. I planned to get there around 5 p.m. to beat any rush, but that didn't quite work out and I walked up to the store with my three kids (the hubs was working late) at 6:15 p.m.

The line was actually starting to poke right out the door, into the rainy night. And it was not moving. I told the kids we'd have to go home for dinner and they absolutely flipped. Waterworks everywhere. I guess they were really looking forward to eating out.

So I caved and joined the end of that very stationary line. Everyone was holding printouts of the $1 meal coupon. It had been a busy day for my kids, with school, an ice skating lesson, a shorter-than-usual nap for the 2-year-old and a quick stop at Aldi for milk and other dairy products. It showed.

They were rambunctious as we waited and waited and waited. At first, when we were outside, it was fine because they could run up and down the sidewalk. But once we got in, I had to yell at them to stop climbing on the booths and get out of line to drag Pebbles out of trouble multiple times. Fortunately those in line with me were very nice and sympathetic.

I think we waited in line for about 50 minutes. Thank God they gave me no trouble about my daughters each having their own coupon -- I would have been the one throwing the tantrum.

We got the three meals for $1.10 each after tax, and ordered an extra side (after all that waiting I couldn't deny the kids the mac & cheese) for $2.25. That's a very good deal, but ironically it's only marginally better than the "2 kids eat free" deal we could have any time.

We spent $5.55 for three adult meals. With the kids eat free deal, I would have spent I think $6.25 for a pot pie plus an extra side, and gotten 2 kids meals free. The kids meals are only a little smaller than the adult meals, I guess one less piece of chicken and a smaller side.

So for adults without kids, I'd say this deal is worth waiting awhile in line for -- maybe if you have time go in when they open at 11 a.m. and use your meal for lunch. That was the only time of day they said they weren't busy today.

But if you are one adult with two kids, you could get almost as much food for just $1 more if you wait until this promo is over, and you won't have to wait in line.



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JohnB said:

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"I think we waited in line for about 50 minutes."

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