Jewel-Osco Unilever Catalina: The Final Reckoning UPDATED TO ADD THE DEAL IS STILL ON!?

 UPDATE: So, several readers have posted that this Catalina deal is still running. I actually found myself groaning at this news, because if it's still on, I'm tempted to get out there and try a few more moneymaking transactions, and I'm TIRED, dammit! Also, my house is messy.

I checked the Hot Coupon World Jewel forum and the word there is that it was "extended" until today, 8/14. But the sale prices have all changed. For instance, the General Mills cereals I was buying were on sale for $2 (Cookie Crisp and Kix are what I bought), but this week's ad says GM cereals are on sale for $2.50. But now you get a coupon for a free gallon of milk if you buy 4, and since milk is about $2 these days (50 cents x 4) that works out to be about the same.

Please post in the comments if you try the deal today and get the $15 in Catalinas!


I spent $10 (+$9.50 tax) on all the groceries in this picture. At full price (not that I ever would have paid that) it's $400 worth of groceries and laundry detergent (13 bottles!). It's hard to believe, but it's possible for anyone to do this by combining coupons with careful exploitation of a Catalina deal.

This Catalina deal is now over, but don't worry, there will be more! To learn how Catalina deals work read my Wise Bread post, "Advanced Grocery Deals: Catalinas."

 Here are all the transactions I did:

1. bought 2 packs Klondike bars, 5 boxes Cascadian Farms granola = $32.25 pre-card price

paid $16 + tax after Preferred Card and coupons, received $15 Catalinas

cost = $1 + 47 cents tax

2. bought 6 All detergents, 4 Yo-Plus, 5 Nature Valley Nut Clusters = $61.75 pre-card

paid $36 + tax, received $30 Catalinas

cost = $6 + $3.50 tax

3. bought 2 boxes CF granola, 2 Chex Mix bars, 2 Fiber One bars, 1 NV Nut Clusters, 1 Bertolli Organic sauce = $31.50 + tax

paid $17 + tax, received $15 Catalinas

cost = $2 + 64 cents tax

4. bought 6 cans Progresso soup, 12 jars Bertolli Organic, 4 All detergents = $91.70

paid $46, received $45 Catalinas

cost = $1 + $2.21 tax

5. 6 NV Nut Clusters, 1 Ragu, 2 Chex Mix bars, 2 CF Granola, 3 General Mills cereals (Cookie Crisp and Kix), 1 Yo-Plus, 5 cartons Breyers = $82.17 + tax (I really don't know HOW I messed this up by spending less than $90. I used my calculator AND used the self-checkout, could have sworn it said $90 before tax when I rang it all up but I guess I was dreaming.)

Paid $33.80 + tax, received $30 Catalinas

cost = $3.80 + $1.20 tax (should have been a big moneymaker, sigh, but still not too shabby!)

6. 4 ice creams, 1 Klonidke bars, 2 Chex Mix, 4 GM cereals, 3 All Detergent, 4 Chex Mix Bars, 1 Bertolli Organic, 1 Yo-Plus. = $91.75.

paid $40 + tax, received $45 Catalinas



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lauraf said:

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LOL. Way to go! I think I have enough ice cream to feed an army and will never have to buy past sauce again! :) Gotta love Jewel.

Rachel said:


Just FYI -- this deal is still going through today, though a bunch of prices have changed! :)

lauraf said:

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Can u post ur deals as u do them???? It's so much easier for me to just follow exactly what you do and i certainly would've LOVED me some granola! They were consistently out of the Honey Nut Cheerios, which was rather irritating. :(

Carrie Kirby said:


Hi Laura,
I will make a stronger effort to do that, now that I hear it is useful to you. I don't know if you do CVS, but I'm about to post the deal I did there yesterday.

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