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Forced to Watch Curling...Really!

Fred Huebner

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I had a chance to watch some of the USA mens hockey debut in these 2010 Olympics Tuesday, but my attention was definitely split.

You see, the UEFA Champions League is down to the knockout stage.  In case you don't know what I am talking about, it's soccer.

Every year, the top teams in all of the European Leagues get involved in a tournament, and they are know down to the final eight teams.  Tuesday, Manchester United traveled to Milan, Italy to face David Beckham and AC Milan.

Man U's, Wayne Rooney scored a pair of headers as United took the match, 3-2.  They will meet in Manchester, England in three weeks.  It is a home and home series, with the team scoring the most goals winning and advancing.
I kept an eye on the USA-Switzerland tilt throughout the afternoon, but nothing in the play really seemed to grab my attention.  The Blackhawks, Patrick Kane had a few shots on goal, but other than that, it was an uninspiring win.

With that said, I looked forward to watching Canada in their first game of the Olympics against Norway.  The game was scheduled to begin at 6pm on CNBC. 

I finished dinner and got ready for the game, and to my surprise, I was forced to watch womens' curling.  REALLY!!!  I was hoping that maybe the NBC group of stations would switch the game to another outlet.  I did tune in three minutes after six o'clock, so maybe they did, but I checked NBC and MSNBC and couldn't find the game anywhere.

No wonder NBC is struggling ratings wise with these games.  The one thing people actually tune in for, and you can't see it when you want to, and when it should be viewable.  Who wants to see curling besides, possibly, people that know the participants personally. 

Turns out, it was a rout.  After a scoreless first period, Team Canada put up eight goals in an easy win over Norway.

Here's hoping there are no more problems when USA and Canada play their next games on Thursday.  I'll be looking for my countryman, Germany, later today.

Until then, Cubs pitchers and catchers report today.  The season can not start soon enough. 

Johnny Damon to the White Sox.  Let's wait til we know more.  He golfed with A.J. and Hawk on Tuesday.  Hawk has known those two since they were in high school, where they played at the same school.  I wouldn't make too much of it...just yet!



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jdudhead said:

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I was getting close to screaming at the TV when I couldn't find the game last night. The fact that it was curling, of all things, made it sooo much more frustrating. NBC just doesn't get it. Promoting hockey is in their best interest and they still don't do it. If a network with some balls (and a finger on the pulse) had rights to the NHL they could seriously get in while the getting is good. Lots of buzz around the NHL and exciting(marketable) players these days. There has definitely been a pretty significant comeback for the league but it could be a little better without a broadcast partner like NBC completely missing this golden chance to bring new viewers in.

Lauren Strec said:


NBC seems to be messing up A LOT lately! This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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