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Donnie's Got Chicago Love and Sugar Skulls


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

I am just about the biggest lover of Chicago-inspired tattoos that there is. When I was out having too many drinks at the Paramount last week (try their beet salad), I met Donnie, whose Chicago flag tattoo was poking out of his shirt.

He said he got the tat about two years ago because he loves the city and is proud to be here. Not only has he lived here his entire life but his family has been living here since before the Chicago fire happened! That is a long ass time. Donnie says he wanted to keep it simple, which is why he didn't get the white filled in.

Chicago Flag

His favorite piece he got almost a year ago.

"For a long time I really liked Day of the Dead artwork and the meanings behind them.  Then a good friend of mine passed away last October.  So, I decided it was time to get that sugar skull.  I wasn't exactly sure of the design, so I googled the shit out of 'sugar skull', 'day of the dead,' etc....I ended up finding a pic of what I liked.  The photo was of a skull similar to mine burned on the top of an old wooden chest.  I took that photo to my friend Rich Marafioti at Insight Studios and he completely redrew it.  He then asked me what colors I wanted to be.  I had seen Rich's stuff and he also did my flag, so knew he was good with color, so I let him pick them out....I trusted him.  It turned out better than I thought.  Rich does great work and he's now at Family Tattoo."

Sugar Skull

Rawk. Speaking of rock, I apparently missed a man pulling his pants down and almost peeing on the floor of the place. At least I got out of there with a fresh ink story.

PJ - South Loop Sleeve with Asian Inspiration


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

About a year ago, my boss man told me he had hired a dude named PJ to join our team. The only way he could describe him was, "He has all these awesome tattoos so he's got to be cool." I had to remind him that just because someone has a tattoo it doesn't automatically make them cool. Fortunately, he was correct in his assumptions about my man PJ.


We bonded over music, tats, binge drinking and, unfortunately, loss.
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