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Becky's Dope Music Robot Tattoo


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Oh man, my head hurts. I was at a surprise party last night for a dear friend of mine (no, not Jack Daniels) and had a bit too much celebration. Thankfully I was there to experience the night with some of my very favorite readers of this blog. One of you, and you know who you are, had the night's best quote (about me). "You're not A drunk, you just GET drunk." Thank you my friend. Hopefully the floor isn't too sticky where I spilled my drinks all night long.

So, let's get to what we came here for shall we? Last Thursday, I was doing what I do best (getting drunk) and met Becky. She had a KILLER tattoo of a music-loving robot. Obviously I needed to get that on this site and she was nice enough to send it my way. All I know is that it was done somewhere near Lyons Township (or at least that's what the alcohol made me believe).

Music Robot

SO dope! Also dope, the album just put out by Jonsi (of Sigur Ros). Stream it in its entirety!

Mickey Goes Bang


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Nate contacted me about his Mickey tattoo, done by Ryan Nutini at Skin of a Different Color in Aurora, IL. 


Now, I've seen tattoos similar to this one before but never been able to ask the person, why? I think Nate's explanation is a great one:

Well it had been something I'd been considering getting for quite some time. Kind of stands for a perversion of the whole "happy, American/Disney dream"...You know...2.5 kids, house with a white picket fence, trophy wife, a nice 9-5 job, basic materialism.. (which is what Disney represents to me) etc. Sometimes behind that big shit eating grin something morbid is going on. Moreover I just thought it would be kind of weird and surreal. I plan on sleeving it out with the magic kingdom in flames behind Mickey and tubes running from Mickey's torso to an ice cube containing the frozen head of Walt Disney.

I cannot wait to see the rest of this when it's completed!

Dirty Projectors - Emblem Of The World
The XX - Basic Space
Pit Er Pat - Water
Jessica 6 - Fun Girl (Byzar Remix)

Tattoo: Zombies Want Cheeseburgers


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Cyril and I work together at the same company but sadly not on the same team. He's got brains for days when it comes to technology and I am lacking every bit of that.  He's one of those people you're happy to see every day even if you're both in a bad mood (sometimes especially when you're in a bad mood). Here's his story:

The tattoos are all basically a tribute to my dark side and my fascination with horror films.  The Zombie was a gift from my wife for my birthday this year and basically it was decided like this: We walked in to see Kevin (Harden), from Ronin Tattoo about getting a tattoo, since he had done my raven and graveyard. He asked what I wanted and I said I wasn't sure. He and my wife, Em, decided to make it a custom zombie.  I gave Kevin carte blanche and a few weeks to come up with the drawing.  So, how did the cheeseburger come into play? Well as comedy, actually.  When I showed up for the day of inking he had the zombie paired with a brain.  This was a nod to classic zombie movies, where they were hungry for brains.  I popped off and said it was predictable and said it would fit my personality better if it was a cheeseburger.  Kevin loved the idea and I thought it was a great twist of comic relief to all the macabre ink on my arm.  So, that is how it became a burger.

The tat took a little over 4 hours and was completed in 1 sitting.

The Raven actually was completed by Kevin as well, and was done in April of 2008 1 week prior to a major surgery.  I was looking to get some strong black work completed prior to my surgery and was in a brooding place due to the extensiveness of the surgery.  I really have been fascinated with simple imagery of a solid piece that would play on my dark sense of humor.  Superstitions around the raven run fairly deep and are varied depending on the culture and time.  Some cultures saw them as good fortune, others as bringers of death, a sign of healings, etc.  Which played into the addition of the graveyard that was added a year later.  In my view Ravens belong in a graveyard to keep the dark tone, but due to my religious beliefs I don't view the grave so dark or final.  I see it all as a transition.
I love the idea of a zombie but suppose if I were to get one, he'd be eating a head of lettuce.

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