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Tattoos: Happy Birthday April 12!


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

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Tonight I could not be more pumped to see Florence & The Machine (eventhough it's at the House of Blues and in terms of venues it is one of my least favorite ever). Before I put my dance pants on though - I wanted to wish the April 12th birthdays a very happy healthy one - especially to that bitch Shannen Doherty. I am a little bit taken aback that no pop culture fan has posted an image of themselves with an "All Hail Queen Brenda Walsh" tattoo. But no, some bitch out there fails at being the best they can be. Someone needs to get this tattoo - and they have to get it with Comic Sans:

bitch please.jpg

So, no one has a Brenda Walsh tattoo but someone has a very nice tribute to the Partridge Family (something is not right with this world). Everyone's favorite Partridge and the one with the most plastic surgery, David Cassidy, is celebrating his birthday today.


Next up is a man who, like Ed Westwick, makes me rethink my lesbian membership. Well not really - they both kind of look like pretty soft butches. Brendan Urie, the lead cutie for Panic! at The Disco is 23 today. He also has good taste in ink.

Brendan Urie

Also, Brendan was just featured in a fun Butch Walker video promoting Walker's upcoming release.

Speaking of crushes, it's Claire Danes's birthday today. Man, my young teenage years were spent pining after Angela Chase as she pined after Jordan Catalano. When she felt pain, I felt pain. I would've even settled for Rayanne Graff. Danes eventually lost points with me for being a home-wrecker, but for also crying in a really ugly way during Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating today! If any of you are going to the Florence concert, look out for me and say hello!

Tattoos: Happy Birthday April 9th


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

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Today is a very special day in both star land and in my world. One of my lil sisters is officially legal to drink! When I texted her this morning to wish her a happy birthday she replied with , "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I am so hungover and I have to go to class," so obviously she is following in her big sister's footsteps.

Other peeps celebrating their birthday April 9th:

Hugh Hefner is like 3,000 years old today and still getting more ass than a toilet seat. Way to go buddy.

Playboy Bunny

Leighton Meester is not only hot, she also gets paid to make out with probably the only dude I'd give my lesbian card up for - Ed Westwick. Here she's showing off one of her tattoos:


I have finally succumb to the madness that is the Twilight series. The first one I had to be drunk for but I watched the second one this past weekend and I have to say - I actually really enjoyed it. More than any of that though, I saw The Runaways and had never been attracted to a mullet until Kristen Stewart stepped on screen. The starlet turns 20 today.


I'm not one to watch straight porn (sooooo boring, but not as boring as lesbian porn) but I am one to celebrate when a porn star is Jewish (I get that from my mother). It was my mom, in fact, who texted me one day and said, "Did you know Jenna Jameson is Jewish?"



Also worth noting: Keisha Knight Pullium, Rudy from The Cosby Show, super hot right now.

Joan Jett is The Hotness


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

The trailer for The Runaways totally turned me on when I saw it this morning. Kristen Stewart pulls this off (and by this, I mean, winning me over in the trailer) in a way I never saw coming. For cripes sakes, she's actually the one SINGING "Cherry Bomb". This could be love.

Tattoos of Celebrities We Lost in 2009


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

We've lost a surprisingly large amount of celebrities this year - many way too soon. I decided to put together a gallery of tattoos people have gotten to memorialize some of their favorite stars. Some tattoos were easier to find than others and some I was amazed were never done (Dom DeLuise anyone?). For some, when I couldn't find an image of the person themselves, I got creative. Unfortunately I couldn't get too creative with the one for Marilyn Chambers due to the amount of real genitals I had to see during that search.

Let's hope 2010 is filled with more happiness and less death for all of us.

Gallery sneak peek (21 images):

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Oh Hell No - Miley Cyrus Gets A Tat


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

I'm supposed to be on the road to Milwaukee right now but I had to stop and post because of this:

I can't stand Miley - not her music, not her face and especially not the way she conducts herself on a regular basis (plus her dad totally creeps me out since he seems as though he is on a permanent quest to look prettier than his daughter).

You can't tell from this picture but Miley's tat says, "Just Breathe". You know what really ticks me off the most about it? The fact that this 17 year old bitch looks kind of hot and the tat doesn't look bad either. That is some shit. I'd like to get a closer look just to see the font that was used, but from here it looks pretty ok.

Celebrity Tattoo Corner: The Gossip's Hannah Billie


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

The Gossip is one of my all-time favorite bands - particularly when it comes to seeing a live show. You know how there are a few bands you'll go out and see and just say, "What the fuck, I'm gonna get crazy up in here! I don't care who is watching or how sweaty I get by the end of the night! BRING IT ON!" Well, that's what a Gossip show is like for me.

About a month ago, right before seeing their live show at the Metro, I had the honor of interviewing Gossip drummer Hannah Billie. She's got lots of ink so I had to ask about them. To read the entire interview head on over to AfterEllen.

Mia: So, can you tell me about your tattoos?
Hannah: (laughs) I have so many now since I kind of started making money with the band! I went really wild because I always wanted to have full sleeves. It was always a dream of mine but I just never had money to get tattoos. Now in the past two or three years I've just gone crazy.

The two main pieces I've got on both arms are paintings by an artist named Tamara de Lempicka. She's a 1930's art deco era artist. They're two women on either arm and just really cool deco-ish pieces. I have lots of flowers, horses and birds. I just got my left arm totally filled so I'm excited about that. I got a giant chess piece. Oh man I've gotten so many in the last couple of years. My mom is kind of freakin' out!

Mia: I can relate, I'm Jewish so my family is going a little nuts. But it's like, after one, I'm not getting buried in a Jewish cemetery anyway, might as well keep going!

Hannah: That's right, might as well go wild! I definitely am going to get more but I'm kind of running out of room so I need to come up with new ideas.

Mia: That's the only problem is running out of any skin area.

Hannah: Yeah and just coming up with more ideas. I've been really into traditional tattoos lately. Just bold, because I think they age really well. There's a lot of tattoo trends, like right now, the Kat Von D really light portraiture stuff with light gradients. And I think it looks cool at the time, but it probably looks like a blob in about ten years (laughs). Like, "What is that?" "Oh it used to be a face."

And my mental note has been made to not get Hannah's face tattooed anywhere on me, for both our sakes. Go out and get the new Gossip album, Music for Men, you won't be disappointed.

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