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Tattoos from The State of Brotherly Love


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

My friend Tony (not Danza, though he and I are tight) just went to the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention and he had such a great time that he used only exclamation points about it in his email to me.

In general I am a bit leery of these conventions pretty much only because I do not look like a pin-up girl. Also, I haven't been able to cross my legs since 1991 so you won't find me swinging from any stripper poles.

This convention looked pretty good though. Sure, there were the usual suspect girls, but there seemed to be a nice mix of other "regular" people as well. Here are some of the highlights (in my opinion):



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romeo said:


Sorry for the exclamations, I was just that excited and a little buzzed from the pabst at the show. (More excited for the SIDESHOW and SUSPENSION shows... cool dangerous and sexy all at the same time.) Very interesting to see the ones you liked. A few of my friends did the same and the samplings have been as varied as my friends. Excellent Blog Work as usual!

Mia said:


No need to apologize - exclamations are my third favorite type of punctuation mark. Just psyched you sent me the link to check the pictures out! Looked like a great time.

romeo said:


You are a gal that knows what she's talking about, so I could not wait to share. your comments are great on the pics. Oh, and the neck girl really was cute, and such a good sport. I was afraid to use flash and startle the artist because, I dunno, a NEEDLE was against the girls jugular?! But when neck girl saw me taking the pic she actually did a smile which was very kind considering the circumstances.

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