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Tattoos of Boobs/Boob Tattoos


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

A friend of mine sent me a picture on Facebook that I find both gross and awesome. Grossly awesome? It's a dude with a woman tattooed on his chest and her nipple (I HATE that word) lines up with his so as to make the tattoo's boob look more realistic. If that doesn't make sense, here it is in all its glory:


Judging by the molestache he's rocking and the way in which his tattoo is clutching her breast - he is one klassy fellow. He's not alone though, there are others who have either decided to get a tattoo of boobs/about boobs, and others who have gotten their boobs tatted in either hilarious or creepy ways. If you have any more, send em on over.



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Joe the Cop said:


That first one is disturbing, no doubt about it...but the guy who added implants to his tattoo? Yikes.

Mia said:


Yeah, I'd be afraid of popping them all the time. I mean, pants will always fit/look awkward - going to the beach is embarrassing, having lots of guys want to grope your's all just too much.

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