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Ask the Artist: Nick Colella Answers a Reader's Questions


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Chicago Tattoo's Nick Colella answers another reader's questions:

Is there a particular moisturizer you think works best after getting a tat and is there a soap I should stay away from?

I like original fragrance-free Lubriderm personally, but really any fragrance-free water based hand lotion will work fine.  You want to stay away from fragrances and lotions with a lot of extra ingredients.  Most importantly you want to keep your tattoo clean and dry, and apply your lotion very sparingly throughout the day.

With the summer coming up, how long should I wait before I get in a swimming pool after getting a tat? What about trying to get a tan?

The first 2 weeks are the most important for the healing. I recommend no sun or swimming for that time.

Are there any tattoo magazines you read or that you think are rad?

Tattoo magazines used to be a lot better than they are today, they used to be more selective in the pictures they print, and who they interviewed, so they're aren't really any magazines that I buy on a regular basis. Skin and Ink usually has a decent tattoo history section, and Tattoo Collector Magazine is the best out there but its hard to find.



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