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A Local Gets Her Imperfect Spine Vine


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Yvonne is not just a badass friend of mine, she is also the lead singer/guitarist in Chicago indie-rock band, The Locals. She's got a sharp sense of humor and the best interpretive dance moves on this side of the Atlantic!

This past weekend, Yvonne got some new ink and sent it my way with a little note attached that said, "It's my perfectly imperfect spine."


I have a herniated disc l4/l5.  It's a pretty common injury (got it from lifting amps the wrong way for years). They even say that a large percentage of people over the age of 20 actually have them and don't even know it. For some people they have an incident, get pain, then just do some rehab and it gets better in a couple of months, and then there are others (myself included) that have chronic pain from it. So I'll be fine then twist the wrong way and bang, massive muscle spasms, terrible pain and all I can do is lay on the floor for like two days.There really is no good explanation as to why some people continue to have pain and others don't.

It got the point over the last year that I was pretty much in some low level of pain all the time. Standing, sitting, sleeping, it had just become a dull ache all the time.

So because I am a special hybrid of hippy dippy and neurotic virgo, I started researching alternative ways to handle this and WHY it continues for me. I've never been good with "that's just the way it is" as an answer, fuck that.

I found a book about chronic back pain "Curing Back Pain Forever", (here comes the hippy dippy part) and it gave me some amazing insights about the power we have over our own physiology specifically as it pertains to chronic back pain. In fact the last time I had a back "episode" I was laying on the floor listening to this book on tape and started doing some of the meditations and breathing exercises. So long story short. I have almost all but eliminated my chronic back pain. I have one small spot that is holding out on me (resistance is futile, i will defeat it!), but I have a very real sense that I will never be laying on the floor again unable to move.

I could be TOTALLY insane and wrong, but 5 months so far so good.

My new ink is about that. It's nothing or it's everything depending on where I put it in my mind. Wavy, off center vertebrae are just what they are. Sort of like wavy off center people.

I think it's just lovely. You know what else is lovely? SEEING THEM LIVE! When you go, make sure you bring an extra set of undies and bras to throw on stage.



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