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Augmented Reality Brings Tattoos to Life


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Welcome back from the weekend and happy belated Valentines Day my little tattoo lovers. My weekend consisted of errands and then laying on the couch due to my Boo not feeling well enough to celebrate this very important Hallmark holiday.

In some pretty cool tattoo news an Argentinian company, Think An App, has come up with a way to code a tattoo so that when seen on camera, a new animated form shows up. See the video below and maybe put your own music on because there is no sound.

Yes, the tattoo itself leaves much to be desired and the animated dragon could also use some work but this is just a demo. In fact, I'm not even positive the tattoo itself is permanent. But, when all is said and done, this is pretty cool - it's like every geek boy's fantasy come to life. Eventually I'm guessing they'll make technology so that your tattoo can battle the tattoo of the guy who just cut in front of you at the bar. Your tattoo might be so bold as to ask out the tattoo of the lovely lady you've had your eye on but have just been too shy to chat up. It's like real life Pokemon/Sims - but for your tattoo!!

What do you think - would you get one of these if they gussied up the technology? If so - what kind of animated character do you think you'd get? Mine, would easily be a rock starlet.



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