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CTA Map Tattoo


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

My fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Kevin, over at the CTA Tattler sent me a link to his post about a woman who - as a sign of devotion - got the CTA train map tattooed on the top of her foot.

His readers were a bit squeamish and the comments were mostly negative but I'm going to guess and hope anyone reading this blog would feel differently (mostly because I had the same idea to put elsewhere).

I hate feet with a passion, my pinky toe looks like a deformed baby carrot so there is no way I would ever get a foot tattoo. That being said, I think the design of the map and its colorful nature is a great way to show your love for Chicago. Let's be honest, I don't think there's anyone who actually LOVES the CTA. I have had more ridiculous experiences on there, and smelled enough human feces, puke and urine to last a lifetime. That being said, the CTA is a huge part of Chicago. People outside of Illinois know what the El is. 

For anyone who says, "She's stupid, those train lines have changed and will continue to change," eh, grow up. Things change. Anyone with an Elvis tattoo had to decide between fat and skinny Elvis. My guess is that most go for skinny but if we were paying attention to timelines everyone should have a fat Elvis tat. The point is, that map was accurate at the time she got it. Things change, but she'll always have a memory of what the system was like, and I really like that.

Alright people, what do you think? And does anyone know who this woman is? Her name hasn't been credited anywhere - she is simply known as the mysterious "CTA map on her foot woman". 



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Kevin O'Neil said:


Mia, you make some good points here. Thanks for your perspective. And for the link!

ctaruffrider said:

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Yea, speaking of smelling before she posed for the grudy tatoo she should have had a personal *soapjob* pleasure performed or aleast cleaned the dirt from her nails.

Eliza Siep said:


thats great!

Katherine Winfrey-King said:


I think it's cool. feet ones fade I've heard, so when she gets it touched up she can add more stops, for all those people fretting about that. and as for the "it won't be accurate forever" argument, that's so dumb. it's like skyline art. I bet people have skylines without the trump tower, and then maybe someday we'll have that whack spire too that all the old skylines will be missing.

Josh Reichlin said:


Because I recognize it, I like it. To someone else it will probably look like varicose veins.

stacyd911 said:

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I'm no expert but this sort of looks fake, like drawn with magic markers...?

Lauren Strec said:


I agree!

Mia said:


It does kind of look like that - but that's what will happen if you just use color and no outlining. I was going to get my last one in just color but my artist advised against it. I don't think it looks bad now but I don't know how it will age.

Cara said:

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Yes, I also agree - you can see the uneven ink starting to spread in places (IMO).

Lauren Strec said:


I think it's cool. I can see where other people might not think it is a wise choice, but I think your points are excellent.
This entry is on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

Mia said:


Thanks girl!

Alex Quigley said:


I think it's pretty damn cool. Glad they took the time to make the straight lines straight, too.

shaneokeeffe said:


I think it is cool. Better then a Chicago 2016 Olympics tramp stamp!

angryfatgeek said:


Problem: she has to take off her footwear and sock to check the map when her train doesn't have one, as is often the case; also, what if the smell knocks out other passengers?

Personal note: I seem to be haunted by problems involving feet of late.

Alex Goykhman said:


She should have gotten a pedicure before posing for this shot.

Kaffryn said:


This is so awesome because this girl is a good friend of mine!! I will ask her before I give away any information about her though!! :)

mytat said:

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I guess I'm a bit late for this, but that's my foot. Also, my foot is grungy because I'd been walking around all day in snowboots for work. Feet are for walking around on.

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