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Apparently I Am A Deviant, You Probably Are Too


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

So far, my girlfriend and two other friends passed along the following article from Chicago Tribune reporter Steve Johnson, "Body art and deviant behavior: Study finds link between multiple tattoos, piercings and trouble."

According to a study done at Texas Tech University: 

The correlation with deviant behavior came among the 4 percent of students who had four or more tattoos, seven or more piercings, or one "intimate piercing,"

I'm gonna go right ahead and tell you all right now, no piercings are getting near my no-no parts. I am apparently a badass, but that goes way beyond my comfort level when it comes to spreading my legs and letting a piercer get up close and personal with my feminine flower.

I do, however, have nine tattoos (and am looking to expand that empire). Sure, I may have cut off my mattress tag, not returned books to the library on time (or ever) and taken part in some illegal (but sometimes medically legal) substances - but I am not a hardcore eyeball-tattooing criminal. 

Let me just say this - if this study were true, it would be MUCH easier to put together more stupid tattoo mugshot photo galleries for us to point and laugh at. 

Thankfully, the article went on to quote Taylor Street Tattoo artist and owner Timothy Gooding. 

The people I see on a regular basis that get tattooed are some of the nicest, most well-mannered people. I see college kids, screaming, yelling, fighting on a regular basis. Those are not my kids.

I am virtually giving him three snaps up in Z-formation.



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