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We See Your Grilled Cheese Tattoo Discount & Raise You A Hot Doug


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UPDATE!!! I have gotten verification from Doug over at Hot Doug's, and it's true! If you get their logo tattooed on yourself, you are entitled to free food for the rest of your life (though, he says, probably for the rest of Doug's life). As far as he knows, Doug thinks there are four people who currently have this design. If any of you read this blog, please hit me up!

Grilled cheese aficionados in Ohio have something to celebrate these days - well as long as they are tattooed with the sandwich. Melt Bar & Grilled in Lakewood, OH is offering 25% off for any customer who has gotten the bread and cheese inked on their skin (No word on if there is an extra percentage off if you add things like tomatoes or bacon to the mix).

According to a Chicago Tribune reader/commenter, we've got our own opportunity to save money while enjoying one of the most-loved eateries in the city. Hot Doug's, one of the only hot dog and encased meat places that consistently has a ridiculous wait, has apparently promised free food for life to anyone who gets their logo inked on them.

I'm still waiting to hear verification back from Hot Doug's but I have a feeling there are plenty of Chicagoans who would be ready and willing to make this happen.

Check out some of these food tattoos - if you like these, take a look at the Yummy Tattoo website, they have a lot of great submissions.

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Lisa Arnett said:


In response to Melt's offer, the 44th Ward Dinner Party here in Chicago is putting their own spin on the tattoo discount, too! Check out owner Stephen Westman's comments on the Metromix blog:

David H. said:

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That scalp tattoo is just nasty!
- David
Aloe Vera Juice 101

alex said:

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I was actually the first person to get the Hot Doug's logo tattoo! haha It has been the best $50 investment in my life! And Doug also gets the free advertisement from people asking me about it, so it's kind of a win, win situation.

Mia said:


I mean, you know I need to interview you now!

arlin said:

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$50! might i ask where you got it ad may I be so bold as to request a picture??

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