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Tattoo Thwarted by Criminals - Cops Make Things Worse


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

So remember when I told you all about the Frenchie tattoo fundraiser? Well that was this weekend and my girlfriend and I went, with pictures in hand - ready to get the likeness of my pups posed as Johnny and June Carter Cash - and then this happened:

Broken Glass

Yeah, our car was broken into, our GPS stolen, all during the day on a busy street with people coming in and out of the tattoo shop regularly.

Yes, it sucks that the window was busted and that our property was stolen but the thing that really chapped our asses was how awful the police were to us. The two officers we spoke to could not have given less of a shit that this happened to us, and even went so far as accusing us of having an invalid license plate. It's not like we were asking them for a shoulder to cry on - but they didn't have to be assholes about it either.

The second cop we spoke to was angry that we didn't know if the address we were on was North, South, East or West. Normally we would've asked our GPS for this answer but since it was just stolen, we didn't know. For some reason she asked us how old we were and what race we are. I've never heard of this being a question someone asks you for your police report and really have no clue why this would be important information.

The only other time something like this happened to me, it was around the same time of year and the cops, once again, acted like I was wasting their time or making their day suck. Our being robbed is SUCH an inconvenience to them. The big question I have is, why is this part of a cop's job anyway? If they aren't going to do anything about it and really don't care what happens, then why not have some other company with customer service experience, take this over? I'm not looking for someone to kiss my ass or massage my boobs to make me feel better about the situation - but don't treat me like I'm the criminal.

In any case, I'd like to send a big Fuck You to the person who did this - but I'm thankful that nothing worse happened.



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chch said:


The CPD is, on the whole, awful. It's a fraternity first, police force second.

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