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My Anger Over Covering Up A Neo-Nazi's Tattoos for Trial


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

I am so freaking hungover today I don't know what to do with myself. Last night was our company holiday party and I made sure to give all of those free drinks a new home in my belly. There was a lot of dancing involved, more than my fair share of grossness on the cab ride home that I won't get into, and then a terrible feeling upon waking up.

Mind you, I was already in a pissy mood when I dragged my ass out of bed at 6 but then I flipped my shit upon reading about John Ditullio, a neo-Nazi on trial for one count of murder and two counts of attempted-murder, and the state of Florida paying someone to cover up some of his tattoos for his trial.

Florida's National Post reported the following:

Every morning this week, Florida murder suspect and neo-Nazi John Ditullio spent the hour before his trial in a $125 makeup session, paid for courtesy of the state.

Mr. Ditullio, a member of the American Nazi Party, has a swastika and "f---you" tattooed on his neck and a piece of barbed wire down the side of his face that he allegedly got in prison while awaiting trial.

But his defence successfully argued the tattoos could prejudice the jury at the trial in New Port Richey, Fla.

Trial Judge Michael Andrews ordered the state to pay for a cosmetologist to apply makeup before trial each day to cover up the tattoos on Mr. Ditullio's face and neck.

However, the judge ruled that any tattoos Mr. Ditullio had before his arrest should not be covered.

Jurors will, therefore, be able to see his tear drop tattoo.

This shithead got a swastika on his neck because he's proud of it so why not let the jury see who he is proud to be? The people of Florida, who need to be protected from this piece of filth, have to PAY for him to get them covered up by a professional makeup artist!!! I can't afford a $5 footlong from Subway most of the time, and this jackass gets to play makeup time for $125? Couldn't they have just gotten one of his neo-Nazi friends to slap some Aryan Nation toner on his face and call it a day?

My greatest issue with this, because I am sure there will be some prejudice for his tattoos, is that - he got them in order to show them off. You don't ask for someone to give you a tattoo on your face or neck, only to have it hidden under a bunch of Bobbi Brown toner and foundation. What they should've done, since they hired such a professional to do the work, is have them make him up in full on drag.

Drag Nazi
so pretty

We are in a spiraling economic shit-hole and THIS is what money is being spent on. What do you think? Am I being unfair (answer: no)?



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kemarshall said:


You are oh-so correct on this disgusting state of affairs. Clearly this waste of sperm wants to show people during THIS trial that he is a brain-dead, inbred, racist, ass wipe. If he wants to make such a statement by getting the tattoos, that is his prerogative (freedom of speech and all that).
Thank you for reminding everyone of this important fact- Florida is run by morons.

Joe the Cop said:


Your anger is well justified. I can't believe the court allowed it (surely over the state's objections). Essentially the court is helping with the man's defense by allowing him to appear as less of a horrifying nazi predator than he normally would.

Mia said:


I feel like his getting a tattoo on his face and neck with hateful symbols is similar to "freedom of speech". I feel like his choice should have been to either keep it for everyone to see, or to have it lasered off permanently so that it would at least somewhat show that he no longer holds those beliefs.

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