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Gatsby's Second Chance & French Bulldog Tattoo Meetup


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

I'm sure if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with my French bulldogs. We actually rescued one of our pups, Marshall, through the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, a truly incredible organization that devotes so much time and money to bettering the lives of Chicago's Frenchies.

This Saturday, the amazing tattoo artists from Insight Studios are donating their talents to the rescue.
On December 19 and 20 Insight Studios will be having a benefit for The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. We will be donating 100% of the profits on those two days to help out The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. Since these benefits are usually busy, we will NOT be taking appointments. It will be a "first come-first served" basis. Make sure you tell us you are here for the benefit.

I will be there getting some work done of my two cuties (though I still need to figure out what to get...I might have to bite some of David's style since I love his pug tats so much). So please, come on down and help support the rescue.

In related news, my girlfriend and I belong to the Frenchie Meetup group and it was on there that I saw Jazmine's tattoo of her pup, Gatsby. I contacted her immediately and asked her to share her story. Warning: it made me cry a little, I am such a sensitive flower.

My fiancé and I got Gatsby in February of 2009.  We had recently moved in together and neither one of us ever had a dog before so we were extremely excited about getting one for the first time.  We looked online for four months after deciding that we would get a French Bulldog and finally found Gatsby--who was named Jordan then--on

The breeder and I talked for hours on the phone and my fiancé and I decided to go up to Spring Grove, IL the next morning and take a look at him.  Within five minutes, I just knew that this was my dog and my mind was made up.

Two months after bringing him home, in early April, Gatsby started to have extreme medical issues that were not disclosed to us by the breeder.  During the course of one month, Gatsby had two rectal prolapses and we discovered that he had a spinal issue (one of his vertebrae is smashed together and raised).  After two thousand dollars and two months, I finally got a hold of the breeder we got Gatsby from and she made me an offer.  The agreement was that she would reimburse us the medical expenses if we returned Gatsby to her so she could put him down or she would replace Gatsby with another Frenchie if we returned Gatsby to her.  My fiancé and I decided that there was no way we would ever return Gatsby for any amount of money or any other dog.  So we kept him and it was one of the easiest decisions ever made.

Gatsby celebrated his first birthday November 4th 2009 and there was a party, cake and all.  Gatsby finally made it to his first birthday and it only took two rectal prolaspses, getting run over by an SUV and thousands of dollars but it was extremely exciting since we didn't know if that day would ever come. 

To celebrate this family accomplishment, I decided to get a tattoo for Gatsby.  I looked online for a substantial amount of time and I found the perfect tattoo artist--Jessica Weichers (Tattoo City, Lockport, IL).

The Whim Style of tattooing is one that Jessica Weichers is known for and a style which I fell in love with.  I felt extremely connected with Jessica as she is the proud owner of a Pug (and Pug tattoo as well) and she understood my love for my dog and the way I wanted to display it on myself for the rest of my life.  I am extremely satisfied with my tattoo and it means everything to me.  I truly feel like I have a picture of my dog on me forever and I don't have to carry a camera to show someone a picture of my dog when they ask.
I'm looking forward to getting Gatsby to play with my pups at one of the meetups, he seems like an incredible dog.




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