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Meet Dave from Chicago Tattoo


Music + whiskey + tattoos= me

Dave has been representing the North Side for 30 years now (eventhough he was born and raised on the South Side). For the past 22 years he's been putting ink to flesh at Chicago Tattoo and even did his apprenticeship there.

If you're looking to get small intricate custom work, he's your go-to man. He's also your go-to man if you want to talk about books. If you're looking for hard to find first editions, check out his site.


Back in the 4th and 5th grades, Dave was always being sent to the principle's office for drawing on himself. At the age of 14 he added the needle with the ink and started tattooing himself. He actually showed me one that he did of a cross that was still there after all these years.

He's gotten a lot of work done in the shop from his co-artists Dale, Nick and Matt. His favorite though, was done by former Chicago native turned celebrity inker Kim Saigh.

Dave 006.jpg

I just love the shading on this one. Lady Liberty has never looked so good.

Another great thing about Dave was that I got to teach him what a motorboat is. Hahaha....oh I love when that happens.

Here's a tat Dave did that I think really speaks to his ability to get some great intricate lines:

Dave Tat



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