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Ten by Ten: Can You Top Our Trio? How About Week 5's Winners?

Kevin Paul

Week 6 is here and KP is back from a few weeks overseas - meaning a return to seeing his ugly mug show up on Ten by Ten posts.  

Here's a delayed congrats to Mark Churchill and Mike Kinsella, who were crowned the winners of Week 5.  Bravo gents, and now, you get your name in lights - or on monitors throughout Big Ten country.  Hey, we'll take what we can get, right?  

And with that being said, here are the Week 6 picks for the FBT trio, along with last week's winners.  

Think you take us?

1. Predict the winner: Purdue at Minnesota

TC: Minnesota
KG: Minnesota
KP: Minnesota

Mark Churchill (Week 5 Winner): Minnesota
Mike Kinsella (Week 5 Winner): Minnesota

2. Predict the winner: Michigan State at Illinois

TC: Illinois
KG: Michigan State
KP: Michigan State

Mark Churchill: Michigan State
Mike Kinsella: Michigan State

3. Predict the winner: Wisconsin at Ohio State

TC: Ohio State
KG: Ohio State
KP: Ohio State

Mark Churchill: Ohio State
Mike Kinsella: Ohio State

4. Predict the winner: Indiana at Virginia

TC: Virginia
KG: Indiana
KP: Virginia

Mark Churchill: Virginia
Mike Kinsella: Indiana

5. Predict the winner: Michigan at Iowa

TC: Michigan
KG: Michigan
KP: Michigan

Mark Churchill: Iowa
Mike Kinsella: Iowa

6. Who will be ranked higher in the next AP poll: Cincinnati or Ohio State?

TC: Ohio State
KG: Ohio State
KP: Cincinnati

Mark Churchill: Ohio State
Mike Kinsella: Cincinnati

7. Which total will be higher: Receiving yards for the Big Ten receiver with the most yards this week or the total yards Eastern Illinois puts up against Penn State?

TC: Eastern Illinois
KG: Eastern Illinois
KP: Eastern Illinois

Mark Churchill: Big Ten Receiver
Mike Kinsella: Eastern Illinois

8. Which game will feature the higher overall point total: Purdue vs. Minnesota or Michigan vs. Iowa?

TC: Purdue vs. Minnesota
KG: Purdue vs. Minnesota
KP: Purdue vs. Minnesota

Mark Churchill: Purdue vs. Minnesota
Mike Kinsella: Purdue vs. Minnesota

9. Which Big Ten defense will force multiple turnovers this week?

TC: Penn State
KG: Minnesota
KP: Minnesota

Mark Churchill: Iowa
Mike Kinsella: Northwestern

10. Name a Big Ten receiver or running back that will have a 100-yard game this week.

TC: Eric Decker
KG: Evan Royster
KP: Eric Decker

Mark Churchill: Eric Decker
Mike Kinsella: Eric Decker

TIEBREAKER: How many rushing yards will Ohio State and Wisconsin have combined?

TC: 352
KG: 250
KP: 299

Mark Churchill: 280
Mike Kinsella: 318



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