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Bookstore Etiquette

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Hey Etiquette Bitch,

Can you please alert all the rude douchebags of the world that douchily putting your coat and/or backpack on a table or a coveted armchair at a bookstore, while you douchily stroll around without a care in the world and page through douchey magazines like Maxim, will cause you to triumph over John Edward as the Biggest Douche in the Universe?

I'm not talking about putting your stuff down in the cafe while you run to grab coffee.  I'm talking about walking around the bookstore for 30 minutes while RESERVING a chair that other people would like to sit down in. Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Tired of Douches

Hey TOD:


Attention, Douchebags and Non-Douchebags alike: in case you didn't get it from the letter, it is Not Cool to throw your personal effects in a chair at B&N, Borders, The Book Cellar, or for that matter, Starbucks, Macy's, Carson's...wherever..and then stroll off for more than two minutes.

If your stuff is in a chair, so should be your ass.

And for those of you, who, like TOD, do not enjoy douchey behavior, please enjoy this video:



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