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It's Yoga Day! Now behave.

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So I imagine that January 23, 2010 will be the sun salutation heard 'round the world...or at least across the country. If you're among the many who will partake of Yoga Day USA today, please be mindful. Just 'cause you can get in on some free downward-dog instruction doesn't mean you can show up and do whatever.

Please, please please -- if you're going to yoga, today or any day:

  • Bathe or at least clean up first. Use deodorant.
  • Shut the eff up before class. Not when class starts. We need quiet before class starts. It's called "centering."
  • No commenting as you go through poses. "Wow, this is really hard!" or "Ooh, there's a new muscle!" are not appropos. This isn't jazzercise.
Don't push yourself, and let the instructor know if you're a yoga virgin. Or if you are in pain. We don't want you getting hurt.


Wait, what? Free yoga? Where? At REI on Halsted. When? Click here for info


Center, focus, and be quiet during Yoga Day USA.



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