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Five gym don'ts

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Yes, I (along with some fitness friends) have been carping about the gym all week. Judging from the cargo-pants-wearing-late-yoga-attendees I witnessed, not without good cause. Closing off this week-long fitness fest are my five final gym tips for you.

Read about some worst gym etiquette observances. Enjoy!

Five Dont's for the Gym:



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Iapetus999 said:

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Great post! Love the pictures.
Gotta comment tho...
Personally I don't give a flip about the phones. I use headphones because A) the piped in gym music is always too loud and terrible and B) so I can't hear all the windbags around me yapping. Go ahead and use them.
As far as the covering up...obv you've never been in the men's locker where no one covers anything. I used to go to an "old men's" gym where all these old guys would sit around drinking beer...naked on the chairs. WTF?? Yes...they sold beer in the locker room. So I guess I'm a bit jaded about the whole don't come back from that experience (it was a free membership btw, not my choice).
And I've never, ever seen anyone obey the 20-min limit...which IMHO is a stupid rule because workouts are what they are...if I'm doing a 8x400 with a mile warmup/cool down and it takes more than 20 mins...too bad! :p However, in fairness, if you plan to hog the machine, try to come in off peak. I try to get in around 11am before the lunch crowd when most everything is open.

EB said:

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iapetus-your comments cracked me up. esp. the old guys w/ beer. i'm *dying* to know where this was.

and i'm not totally in disagreement with you re: no time limits. at my current gym, there are no time limits on machines, because, guess what, the gym knows to have enough! there's a certain corporate gym that advertises HEAVILY at Xmas that never has enough machines, and it's the worst gym in the world. i can attest from my previous, unfortunate membership.

Jennnay84 said:


uuugggh people that text while using the treadmill should be banned from the gym.

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