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Guest blog: New Year's Eve "Bartiquette"

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Today's guest post of New Year's Dos-and-Don'ts comes to us courtesy of blogger Lauren Whalen of The Unprofessional Critic:

So it's New Year's Eve and you're heading out--you and the rest of the natural world.  Even the most anti-social will most likely want to mingle for a little bit.  And though house parties rock, the majority of New Year's Eve merriment happens at the most likely of places: the bar.
Whether it's a fancy downtown hot spot or your local corner pub, a bar on New Year's Eve promises if not a good time, then certainly an interesting one. No matter if you're sipping one beer or scoring a table all night, there is simple etiquette to be kept in mind. Remember this "bartiquette" and have a Happy New Year's Eve!


Follow these simple guidelines, and don't be rude on New Year's Eve. You'll be so money!

  • DO be patient.  Whether you're en route to a bar, restaurant or party, or just out buying popcorn for your movie night, know that there WILL be crowds and plan accordingly.  Ditto for waiting for food, drinks and cabs.  It's a busy night.  Deal with it or stay home.
  • DON'T shove or berate, and try not to roll your eyes.  I guarantee it won't make anyone move any faster.
  • DO minimize the belongings you bring along, and keep track of them out in public.
  • DON'T expect the bartender to do it for you.  Trust me, they have enough to worry about.
  • DO treat anyone serving you in any capacity with politeness and respect.  It is a holiday, and they no doubt would love to be with their friends on the other side of the bar.  However, they will be running themselves ragged to make a living.  It won't kill you to be pleasant.
    And you might just be rewarded: three years ago, my friend and I went to a restaurant on New Year's Eve and didn't complain when warned that our food was going to take longer.  We were given free dessert for our patience.  Yum.
  • DO tip well.  In Chicago, $1 per drink is standard.  A pitcher has 4 to 5 drinks in it, so tip accordingly.  Tip more if the drink is complicated, or if you are buying multiple shots.  Both take longer to make, meaning the bartender is not serving as many people as he/she could be.  If you are buying a round, good practice is to tip $10-$20 at the beginning.  This serves two purposes: depending on the price of the drinks, you won't have to tip again for a few rounds, and the bartender or server will remember you.  Win-win.
  • DO keep your drink orders simple.  You're more likely to get served quicker.
  • DON'T grab your server's behind.  Gross.
  • DO travel safely, at the beginning and end of the night. The CTA will be offering one-way bus and train rides on all routes, for only one cent until 6 a.m.  Not only does this cut down on drunk driving and reduce carbon footprints, but public transportation on New Year's Eve will be nothing short of entertaining. 
Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!  If you're bored or hungover the next day, check out my blog, The Unprofessional Critic.  You won't regret it in the morning!



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Iapetus999 said:

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Sorry, the ass-grab is staying in the repertoire.
Nice tips!

EB said:

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Nice *tips* or nice....uh, nevermind.

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