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I've lived all over the country and world, my background is in International Affairs, Political Science, and Economics, and I'm a Chicago boy born and bred.

I just read a post on StreetsBlog about the implementation of a great idea in San Francisco; turn unused street space and extra parking spots into parks/parkletes.  Ted wrote a post a few weeks ago about the connection between tree-grates on our sidewalks and walkability; I want to add to that today and talk about how turning "pavement to parks" will make our sidewalks even more walkable.

StreetsBlog's post, People, Parkletes, and Pavement to Parks (plus Mojo Bicycle CafĂ©), is about San Francisco city planners' ideas to greenify, both in terms of green color and in terms of the green revolution, unused city land.  In San Francisco there are many awkward intersections throughout the city due to the merging of three streets or because of streetcars, which have left space unused.  That unused space is as good a space as any to add public benches, trees, or even grass.  I think that if sidewalks are greener, they will become much more walkable.

      Photo - Thanks to SF Parks to Pavement Org.

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