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A Happy Ending in Tokyo, Kyoto and Beijing

Because it was so amazing, I want to finish sharing our adventures in eating on our Tokyo, Kyoto and Beijing trip.  It has a happy ending. 

Note:  not going to learn much about nutrition in this travel blog.  Sorry, I'll be back to chat about nutrition soon! 

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Eat Right Around Went to Tokyo

Konnichiwa!  It's been too long!  I just returned from a long and lovely holiday.  Mitch and I packed five outfits, an iPad and a taste for Asian cuisine and embarked on a 14-day trip through Tokyo, Beijing and Kyoto for Christmas and New Years.  Now that I'm back and getting organized, I thought it would be fun to share some of my shots of Japan and China.  Being that I'm a dietitian, of course, I took pics of many of my meals!  If there is a lesson in the series of posts I'll put together on the trip, it's that traveling the 13 hours required to get there is totally worth it!   

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14 Easy Ways to Get Out There and Enjoy Summer!

Summer is great.  I have been riding my bike like it's my part-time job, running along the lakefront and swimming in the glorious waters of Lake Michigan.  Even if you're not training for an Ironman, summer offers an array of activities that are easy, enjoyable and sometimes cheap or healthy.  Here are 14 simple summer activities: 

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5 Courses at Rick Bayless's Topolobampo

You may remember, from a previous post, that I'm scared of prix fixe.  So when I sat down to dine at Rick Bayless's Topolobampo, I had to face my fear of again.  I was dining with fellow Chicago food experts, David Grotto, acclaimed author of 101 Optimal Life Foods and 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life; American Dietetic Association Media Spokesperson, Toby Smithson, Christine M. Palumbo from Speaking of Health, Cathy Kapica of Lazy Cook, Crazy Cook and Shannon Gomes who works with California Strawberries.  Needless to say, we were all wanting to eat right and some of us decided to see how Bayless's Celebration Tasting Menu would do.

When you're dining at Topolobampo and you choose the tasting menu, you may be challenged to Eat Right with Ease if you lick your plates.  If you taste, rather than clean, then Rick offers a variety of foods that will provide you a nutrient-rich dining experience.  If you choose to skip the tasting menu, then you can Eat Right with Ease at Topolobampo because there are many non-fried, vegetable rich, mild and spicy options for you to enjoy a la carte!   

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Solo on the Road - Dine and Do

As I gazed adoringly at one of the most delicious plates of Fettucine Verde Bolognese that I've ever spun around my fork at La Vela Ristorante in Manhattan, a question my sister posed occurred to me.  She asked me if I go out alone when I travel for work.  I said, oh yes.  I'd never waste my trip, money or calories on room service - and speaking of which - we all know that a club sandwich is the only good room service item anyway.  It also occurred to me that I try to make the most of any work trip if I can find the time and the location is right.  Fortunately, I often have conferences or meetings that allow for a few hours here and there, and put me in desirable locations.  So, for those of you (and there are many, many of you) that find yourself solo on the road, I have some thoughts on traveling alone.  Not really advice, because I can't claim to be an expert traveler (yet), but just some anecdotes from an average traveler.  
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