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High Res Make-Over

Although Eat Right Around is about food, nutrition, fitness and more about what is healthy for your body, I have decided to stretch a bit and tell you about a recent venture (or adventure) I had that was healthy for my mind.  I spent a weekend being professionally "styled" and photographed!  It was so amazing that I have to share the good work of the professionals that did this for me.  I enlisted the expertise of acclaimed LA stylist, Daria Maneche (lucky for me, she is friend of 20+ years) and the fantabulous, famed Chicago photographer, Brian McConkey

From Frump to Fashion

Maybe you're like me?  Do you relate to the gal they bumrush on the show What Not to Wear?  Do you sometimes say, "I can't walk in those!" or "who cares what I'm wearing?!".  How about Mitch's favorite, "I'm ready to go. I don't need to shower, I swam this morning."  If this describes you, we are cut from the same comfortable cloth.  Prior to my life-altering weekend, I owned three pairs of Dansko clogs in three different colors and four pairs of sneakers (and Crocs).  I recently ate at Pasta Palazzo in sweats - not "cool" sweats, that's an oxymoron - worn sweats from the Gap, circa 1999.  I wear make-up and what I mean by that is that I dab a brush in translucent powder and sometimes put on mascara.  I like layering T shirts, fleece is comfortable, belts are to keep your drawers from sagging, suits are for grown-ups and heels are dumb.  My socks sometimes have cherries on them or kitties.  I have a tank that says, "I'm Bored".  That said, here is why I really need help:  my schizophrenic closet is full of style-y separates that don't match me, or each other, with labels like DVF, Nannette Lapore, Yoana Baraschi, Theory and denim from Barneys Co-Op.  So, I buy things that look like someone would look cute in, but I don't bother to wear them, I reach for a long sleeved T and I'm out.  

If you don't want to fly Daria in to work your closet and teach you how to shop smart and style right, then look for a local expert.  Check out ChicagoNow's own, Barbara Glass or search the other "style" blogs out there for an expert near you.   

Say Cheese!

As for the photographs:  if you have a blog, you're going to be on TV, launch a book, be featured on a website or in a magazine, have a picture on your work website or for goodness sake, even a Facebook profile or you just want to feel like a million bucks, engage a professional photographer for a shoot.  For me, it was all of the above, so Mitch gave me a photo shoot for my birthday (back in November) and I decided it was time to make good on it. 

Brian McConkey of Chicago was the obvious choice of experts to work with.  Brian is located in Chicago, takes an average of 700 actor pics per year (nope, I'm not an actor, just a dietitian, doesn't matter), has a dry wit, easy-going humor and is outrageously talented!  You want to feel at ease and have someone make you look better than you thought possible?  Brian is your man.  He'll hook you up with his longtime trusted make-up and hair stylist, Rachel Reiman to make sure you're done up right.  After the shoot, his "worthy assistant", Katie Adam, touches up photos of your face with a bit of digital, but natural looking magic.  Hell, I'd recommend doing it just for fun.  It's worth the price of admission just for the experience.

Here is what I learned...

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