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Simple Healthy Grocery List with Instructions

Sometimes you need some inspiration or new ideas for dinner.  Today, I felt like I needed a grocery list created by someone else.  The best person for that job?  My sister, Lauren, contributor for Wine and Food Travel

She's the goat-lovin' farm-type, all artisan-focused, organic-minded, creative with the kale, grainy, grow your own veggies, dessert expert extraordinaire (she is the mastermind and cook behind the dessert menu for Central Kitchen in Cambridge, MA), food admirer that knows how to confit stuff and roast a veggie better than anyone I know. 

So, I emailed:  send me a grocery list and tell me what to do with the stuff I buy.  Although she didn't use proper punctuation or capitalize a darn thing, I'm posting her email because you may want to head to your favorite market this afternoon.  
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Tired of Turkey?

I had homemade turkey soup for lunch...again.  Since I took the bird out of the oven last week, I've had a turkey sandwich for breakfast, turkey pieces for a snack, microwaved plates of butternut squash and turkey for dinner and picked it apart for soup.  I'm starting to gobble.  If you are tired of turkey as well, here are three non-turkey recipes from your dietitian friends to help you break the turkey rut.  They all have five ingredients (discounting pepper) and are full of nutty nutrition, essential fats and disease-fighting phytonutrients. 
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Even Better Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

I know that you love shrimp cocktail for the holidays.  You love that it's a rich source of selenium, vitamin D and B12.  You love that it's low calorie and a great source of protein.  You may also like the taste and the horseradish tang of a perfectly home-prepared cocktail sauce.  Whatever the case, Danielle Omar, MS, RD of Food Confidence gave me a recipe to share that makes this already fabulous appetizer even better.  Try it! 

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100 Calorie Dessert in an Instant!

pumpkin mousse.jpg
Did you just realize that you didn't make a dessert?  Need a dish to bring to a potluck?  Can't figure out how to pass off a supermarket pie as your own?  Don't worry, here is a dessert in a flash.  It's easy to make and has only 100 calories per serving.  Perfect for any diet, this luscious mousse has a healthy dose of vitamin A, beta carotene and fiber, yet is low in sugar, fat and calories.  A crunchy gingersnap is a great garnish.  Thank Marlene Koch, RD, author of: Eat What You Love: More than 300 Incredible Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat & Calories.
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Glorify the Green Bean

green beans dish.jpg
Green beans make for an easy-to-prepare, delicious, nutritious side dish.  Have a bunch in the fridge or some in the freezer and want to make them special?  Here are some dietitian-submitted recipes to make green beans shine.  

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Roast or Smash Parsnips

Parsnip.  It sounds odd.  In my head, it is said with an English accent.  Or it's what you say when someone says, "how much?" - "oh, not much, just a parsnip" (with an accent, of course).  This anemic looking carrot is actually a slightly sweet, yummy vegetable.   And they are good for you - good source of vitamin C, folic acid and fiber - no fat, low calorie and all the other veggie attributes we love.  Parsnips make a delicious side dish for the holidays to boot.  Instead of just boiling the crap out of them (like my grandpa does - bless his heart), here are two great dietitian-submitted recipes for your holiday meal (or any time really)! 

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Eat Like An RD for Thanksgiving

Julie and Jenna.jpg

Julie, Regina and me eating like RDs at Menton in Boston.

Want to keep it simple and healthy for Thanksgiving?  If so, my co-author and friend Julie Upton, MS, RD has outlined what she and her cycling guru husband will be doing for Turkey day.  I decided to cross-post her ideas because she keeps it simple, tells you why it's good for you and includes tips for preparation.  Check out Julie's turkey talk at Eat Like An RD - or as I like to call this holiday post, Eat Like Julie and Craig! 


Make Turkey (and your Health) Better with Cranberries

Sara Cran relish.jpg

I use this with my's so tasty!

Mac without cheese, peanut butter without jelly, turkey without cranberries...all just crazy.  Thanksgiving without a cranberry dish would be insane, tradition-breaking and dinner destroying.  I'm being dramatic, but oh how I love cranberries.  The super tart, face-twisting tangy, humble berry is both an American tradition and a health-promoting powerhouse. 

Maybe you didn't know that cranberries have one of the most outstanding antioxidant profiles and contain a phytonutrient unlike its berry mates.  Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins and the cranberry has a type of proanthocyanidin that is unique.  Subsequently, this out-of-ordinary berry has special powers - antiadhesion properties.  This means that it prevents stuff from sticking to cells, like bacteria.  So, in the urinary tract, it helps prevent E. coli from sticking to the urinary tract walls.  The result?  Helps prevent urinary tract infections.  This antiadhesion property may also make the cranberry good for your heart, teeth and reducing the risk of other chronic diseases.  Go cranberry!

Enjoy these cranberry recipes this Thanksgiving sent by more awesome dietitians.  You'll note that many cranberry recipes (or even beverages) have some sort of sweet source with them  - sugar or another juice, for example.  Totally needs it...ever try to eat a raw cranberry?  It's so freakin' tart that it would be difficult to endure.  Even though it has a bit of sugar, the benefits of cranberries are worth it and a little sugar with cranberries shouldn't be a diet disaster unless you're a sugar fiend at every meal!    
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Dietitian Approved Creamy, Mapled or Fried Sweet Potato Sides

Sweet potatoes are a common side dish during the holidays.  So smart.  Sweet potatoes are super duper good for you.  One medium sized (whatever the hell that means) potato has 100 calories, 4 g of fiber, 0.1 g fat, 2.2 g protein and is full of potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene and vitamin A.  Sounds like a recipe for blood pressure management and chronic disease risk reduction!  Or maybe it just sounds like a tasty, sweet and savory side dish.  To enjoy your health promoting potato this holiday, try one of these "dietitian approved" recipes.  (Recipes are written as submitted by my trusted dietitian friends.)

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Healthy Mashed Potato and Gravy Recipes!?!?

mashed and gravy.jpg


Who doesn't love mashed potatoes and gravy?  Honestly, I think I could mash any vegetable and add a dribble of gravy and love it.  When I worked in the hospital, I loved all the mashed and mechanically soft kidding.  The problem is, it's difficult to find a great mashed mess that isn't equal parts butter and potato.  But, of course, my trusted dietitian friends have ideas.  Enjoy! 

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Dietitian Approved Easy, Tasty Thanksgiving Recipes

Everyone is looking for simple, fast, delicious recipes for the holidays.  And I'm no different.  I plan to create a huge feast for Mitch, Tom (and dog, Mokey) this Thanksgiving, so I'm collecting ideas.  Of course, I want these recipes to be nutritious - you know, nutrient dense and veggie-heavy - but I also need them to be super easy to make.  I'm not looking for fat-free (never am), but I want lots of phytonutrients, fiber and healthy fats from nuts and oils (not butters and cream).  Given that I know that the most reliable source of nutrition information is the registered dietitian, and that the registered dietitian is also the most responsive, helpful, thoughtful and concerned professional that I know...I sent out an e-blast requesting favorite, easy-to-prepare, healthy holiday recipes that can be created with 5 ingredients or less.  I also asked these amazing givers to throw in a line of nutrition advice.  Needless to say, I have enough content to take us through the new year so this is the first of two recipe blogs that I'll post.  Each recipe is 'as is' - just the way the dietitian submitted it to me (it's my blog, so the rules of consistency are being tossed for this one).  Not all of them are combined with an actual photo of the dish (just an ingredient or example) - but all are nutritious and I would hope, delicious! 

Gallery sneak peek (15 images):

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A Post about Toast

My g-friend and co-author, Julie Upton, MS, RD and her bud, Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, have this blog called, Eat Like an RD.  Yes, it's all sprouts and whole grains and the new junk food craze, baby carrots.  No, not really.  It's great ideas from dietitians and insights from the pair on anything from lunch to calcium to Julie's run in the Rockies.  I was reading it today and decided to borrow a post to post. 

There's so much diet hullaballoo (I'm not complaining), that I was struck by this very easy, quite useful and super tasty toast post - A Toast to Toast.  Oh so simple and recipes you can use - like now - not after you write down a complicated list and drive to the market.  Sure, you could have figured these out on your own, but sometimes we need a reminder to help get out of a food rut or in this case, a toast rut.  Here are pics of their quick ideas and check out their post about toast for how to make these treats.

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Elegant Grill Recipes for Meat Lovers from Le Cordon Bleu

Since I went to an event at Le Cordon Bleu last year, they've been kind enough to get in touch with recipes or ideas that I can share with readers.  So, for this Labor Day, I have some elegant grill recipes for you meat eaters (we'll talk more about that next week) created and tasted by the esteemed chefs at Le Cordon Bleu.

To make your guests think that you're a grill expert and culinary genius, click below for any of the following recipes (seen in the photo gallery). 


Gallery sneak peek (4 images):

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