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New Year's Diet Advice for Impatient List-Lovers

'Tis the season for tips, tools and hints to lose weight, get fit and start the new year right. Although I'm inspired by the New Year, New You sentiment, I feel like we may be better off with a to-do list...a checklist of quick-n-easy changes that we can make, starting today, while we're still motivated, that make sense, give results and have the potential to last for the next decade.  This New Year, New You diet/weight loss/healthier/prettier/better/cooler task list, not textbook, is straight-forward, easy-to-implement and will give you the satisfaction of being able to cross items off the list and stick to for many new years to come. 

*This list is designed for the task-oriented, impatient, list-loving, spell-it-out-for-me, candidate for a "diet for dummies", tell me what to do, I'm tired, I have enough on my plate, make it easy for G's sake, attention-to-diet-deficit-disorder reader.  Enjoy!

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