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Healthy Mashed Potato and Gravy Recipes!?!?

mashed and gravy.jpg


Who doesn't love mashed potatoes and gravy?  Honestly, I think I could mash any vegetable and add a dribble of gravy and love it.  When I worked in the hospital, I loved all the mashed and mechanically soft kidding.  The problem is, it's difficult to find a great mashed mess that isn't equal parts butter and potato.  But, of course, my trusted dietitian friends have ideas.  Enjoy! 

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Find Lots of Nutrients On the Side

Ever look at the main course options on a menu and cringe at how massive they sound?  Think to yourself, "is this for the week, or just this meal?"  I do.  In fact, I frequently find the side dishes more appealing and less overwhelming.  After all, instead of a side of a cow or a pork's butt, I'd rather have a side of vegetable fabulousness; I want a nutrient-rich mouthful, not a fried, fattening gut full.  In a recent visit to the amazingly awesome Gilt Bar on 230 W Kinzie St, I did just that - ordered it all on the side.  It proved that I could eat right (with a few watch outs), enjoy an assortment of tastes and pack in a variety of nutrients.    

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How Salty is Your Daily Diet?

Everyone is talking about reducing the salt in our diet and the foods we eat and I don't mind it one bit.  I've always been frustrated by its pervasiveness and irritated when the Chef can't find that delicate balance between bland and "you've got to be kidding me".  It's a flavor enhancer when just barely there and a blood pressure-raising, tongue-stinging disaster when over used.

While I may view it as an occasional nuisance, salt, or more specifically sodium, has become a serious dietary issue threatening the nation's health.  The recent report from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee said that, in short, Americans need to eat less salt (so far, they're saying that the new recommendation should be closer to 1500 mg per day).  Coupled with our desperately low intake of potassium from fruits and vegetables, our country's high salt diet puts us at a greater risk for high blood pressure, stroke and other chronic diseases.

I was thinking...we all know that the foods that are the highest in sodium tend to be those that fall into the canned, processed, ready-made, snack, cured and fast food category...but do we really know how much sodium we are currently consuming from our mainstays, our daily preferences, the frequently consumed food in our fridge and pantry?  Just how salty is your fridge, freezer and cupboard now?  How salty is mine???

So, here's your homework:  perform a pantry raid - find the foods you eat daily, check their labels or look them up on the USDA nutrition analysis site and compare them to the potential 1500 mg per day that the new Dietary Guidelines (due out in late 2010) might recommend as a daily limit.   

I'll start with mine.  Let's see how this supposed "low sodium eater" does on a daily basis with the daily basics - there may be salty surprises!




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11 Healthy Cooking Mistakes by Healthy Eats

My colleague, Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, blogger for Healthy Eats on the Food Network website, recently asked a bunch of us dietitians for our insights on healthy cooking mistakes.  She came up with list of mistakes and fixes from nutrition professionals - some a bit unexpected.  Dietitians are lovin' some perfectly portioned full-fat options, farm-fresh foods, believe in spicing things up and recognize the importance of taste and flavor.  Check out the nutritious insights on Healthy Eats Ask the Expert:  11 Healthy Cooking Mistakes

Dana's blog has the full list, which you must read because they include the sensible and simple solutions from the experts.  Here are a few of the mistakes to spark your interest...

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14 Easy Ways to Get Out There and Enjoy Summer!

Summer is great.  I have been riding my bike like it's my part-time job, running along the lakefront and swimming in the glorious waters of Lake Michigan.  Even if you're not training for an Ironman, summer offers an array of activities that are easy, enjoyable and sometimes cheap or healthy.  Here are 14 simple summer activities: 

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Dinner in Naples...Chicago, That Is

I dream of sitting in a piazza, sipping Prosecco, eating a fresh Neapolitan-style pizza with a fork and knife (yes, my dream includes an uncut pizza that I eat from the center out with a fork and knife).  I'm remarkably comfortable in the heat of the late day sun and I don't have a care in the world.  The summer breeze makes me feel fine.  If I'm dining like this, in a piazza, then I must be on holiday (sounds more luxurious than vacation).  A girl can dream and a Chicagoan can easily find a bit of this Italian bliss in their backyard.  One of my many favorite Chicago locales for a summer's afternoon pizza and Prosecco is Spacca Napoli Pizzeria on Sunnyside and Ravenswood.  Chicago Magazine agrees as Spacca Napoli is 15 on the July 2010 Best 25 Top Pies in Town.  Following an 11 mile run on Saturday, we took our weary wings to this authentic, friendly Ravenswood neighborhood gem.  We capped the day with my favorite gelato from Paciugo Gelato in Lakeview.  Benissimo!  

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Dietitian Brain Dump: This Week's Nutrition Notes

With all this work and training, I'm feeling a bit flustered, disorganized, sall we shay - random - in my nutrition thoughts.  Rather than trying to force one specific topic, I think it's better that I just provide you with a brain dump - a dietitian brain dump - to end the week.  Like throwing spaghetti at the wall, maybe something will stick.  

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First Lady Obama's Chefs Move to Schools

I may be a little late to this party, but my favorite friend, nutrition expert and colleague, Kyle Shadix, MS, RD, Certified Chef de Cuisine just sent me some fabulous photos from his June 4th visit to the vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House.  Kyle is part of the remarkable group of 500 chefs invited to launch the First Lady's Chefs Move to Schools - part of her Let's Move campaign to help significantly reduce childhood obesity by 2030. 

First Lady Obama has called on chefs to help educate school children about food and nutrition.  According to Obama, "children consume as many as half of their daily calories at school, and with more than 31 million children participating in the National School Lunch Program and more than 11 million participating in the National School Breakfast Program, good nutrition at school is more important than ever."   She is looking to chefs to help deliver the good nutrition message in a fun and delicious way. 

They are looking for more chefs to get with the program, so if you are a chef and haven't already, join the movement

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Swim, Bike, Run, Eat...Take 1

June 12th marked the first race of the year for me - Elkhart Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon.  I'm only doing three triathlons this season, but I will be progressing from a manageable Olympic distance to a not-so-bad Ironman 70.3 in Racine to the "why am I doing this again?" Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 12th.  To share my nutrition tips and race testimonials, please enjoy my photo gallery!

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Have a Summer Salad

Salads don't have to be boring and drab.  In fact, they can make a tasty, nutritious meal, especially during the warm summer months.  I think you should trust me on this because if you've been following my dietary habits, I'm not a salad pusher.  I need a colorful, exciting salad made with a ton of veggies and interesting flavors, not just a pile of iceberg lettuce, chicken pieces and cucumber slices, to call it a meal.  In fact, I think that it can be a disappointing diet disaster when its bland in color, smothered in cheese, bacon, croutons and bad tasting dressing.  Fortunately, there is a way to do salad well with a variety of fresh veggies, unexpected flavors, bright tastes and herb-rich, spicy vegetable oil based dressings (not a creamy mess of saturated fat).  I recently enjoyed a salad at John's Place in their comfy, neighborhood, outdoor space.  Check it out and maybe you'll get an idea to spice up your own salad at home or at your next dining stop!  

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Chicago's Farm-Fresh Nightwood Restaurant

Last night, we headed to the Lower West Side of Chicago, called Pilsen, for a farm-to-table, mind-blowing dinner at Nightwood Restaurant. I had very high nutrition hopes and great food expectations.  So many restaurants leave me feeling lovelorn; I desperately wanted Nightwood (with its dance club sounding name) to be the one.  Like I was considering a prospective mate, they had everything I was looking for.  A menu that is updated daily, based on season and availability, makes the knees of my bees weak.  When they boast simplicity, I imagine varied and colorful, hand-cut veggies, fresh herbs and robust, unpretentious flavors so that you make that m-m-m-m-m-m face with each bite.  I fantasize about a nutrient dense, farm-fresh meal with the perfect wine pairing and all the vegetables I can eat...finished with a delicious dessert that can't be skipped.  After this birthday dinner for Mitch, I have very little to say about Nightwood Restaurant except:  I think I'm in love.  

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10 Things You Should Know about Omega 3s

I am frequently asked nutrition and health questions about omega 3.  Stuff like:  What is it?  Where do I find it?  Why is it good for me?  What if I don't want to have fish?  Given that my clients' FAQs are usually similar to everyone's FAQs, I thought it would be helpful to develop a top 10 things you should know about omega 3s.  I hope this will answer some of your questions about the big Os.  

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Tips for a Fat Summer Vacation

Summer is nearing and it's time for a vacation.  Maybe you're planning to explore Croatia, spend time in Italy, or maybe you've decided on a sunny, beach-y destination.  If it's a relaxing beach side getaway that you've picked, you may feel like you're done dieting for your swimsuit and healthy eating is on the bottom of your list.  Given all the nutritional dedication you've had this past winter, you may be asking yourself, what can I do to ensure that I get fat during my vacation?  How can I avoid losing weight or getting fit?  Could I gain a pound or two even if I'm only traveling for a week???  Ask no more, I have your answers.  These evidence-based tips are based on my week in Aruba.  I arrived on Saturday and although I'm here for work (conducting sports nutrition workshops for Aruba's Olympic team's coaches and athletes - for real), I have had time to collect data and develop these top tips to either get fat, or stay fat, on your summer vacation.  

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Guilty Food Pleasures

Sure, all foods can fit in your diet.  You're right, you shouldn't feel emotional guilt about what you put in your mouth.  Feel guilty if you purposely run over your neighbor's cat, but don't waste those feelings on food and nutrition.  We should eat until we are satiated...balance our calories with our activity...consume a variety of foods...all in moderation.  That said, sometimes we must stray.  We must go wild.  We adore some foods that provide us very little nutritional value, are dense in calories and fat (rather than vitamins and minerals), are just too salty and fried, or even processed in a way that make us question whether they deserve to be called "real food".  Sometimes we're embarrassed about our adoration because of the food's lack of sophistication or culinary prowess.  Whatever the case, we know that we shouldn't have these foods everyday because they are just not that good for us.

Recently, I was enjoying one of my favorite not-so-foodie and not-so-healthy food favors and it got me thinking - maybe that's part of the problem - Americans have forgotten to save these "occasional" foods for a rare occasion.  We don't "go wild".  We just eat our splurges daily, rather than rarely, and not only have they lost their allure, they are contributing to our national nutritional breakdown.  When I was growing up we put a can of soda in the fridge every Friday morning so that it would be cold for Friday night.  It was special.  It was a treat.  If you celebrated your birthday everyday, what would be your "special day"?  We need to push the reset button and put these foods back into their "occasional" category and make them special again. 

To help me convey this point, I asked a boatload of dietitians to tell me their favorite "cheat" food.  What do they just love, even though they know it's not the most nutritious choice, creative creation and that may be a little embarrassing, but they cherish it here and there because it's their splurge.  Take a gander at these nutrition experts' responses and use them to remind yourself of two things:  1.  it's A-OK to have a food that you covet for reasons other than nourishment, even dietitians do it, and 2. if you're eating these foods daily, you may be missing out on something special - you've forgotten to save some foods as treats - if they are part of your daily intake, what's the allure?  Push the reset button, don't let these foods be commonplace and habitual, make them special again.  Here's what's eaten when dietitian go wild: 

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Salt is Killing Us

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced this week that sixteen food companies have agreed to reduce salt in everything from ketchup to rice as part of a national effort to cut America's sodium consumption by 20%, according to the Associated Press.  According to the Washington Post, some restaurant chains are jumping on board as well.  At this point, the plan is that the salt edits will take place over the next several years. It's about time.  But will it nix our need for a salt-fix?

The food industry is responding to the pressure (no pun intended) from health organizations and now governmental officials, but interestingly and unlike other health trends, this push isn't coming from the consumer, it's coming from the folks that are concerned with heart health stats and health care costs. Consumers actually tend not to buy foods labeled, "low sodium"; these items are not flying off the shelves.  And Americans eat over 2X the recommended levels of sodium (2400 mg per day is recommended).  The US likes it salty despite the evidence that high salt consumption is linked to high blood pressure, or that one out of three adults has been diagnosed with high blood pressure.  We eat processed foods and shake the shaker despite the evidence that high blood pressure is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease - the country's number one killer.

Here's the issue that I see, the change needs to start with our taste buds.  Our love affair with over-salting our foods must stop.  Personally, I can't take it any more.  Salt is killing us literally and for me, it's killing my buds.  In fact, my tongue hurts today because of last night's meal. I'm uncomfortably parched and my buds feel abused and I've had it...enough with the salt. 


I started this blog today in light of the dinner I had last night.  Honestly, I hesitate to write this because this establishment is fabulous and I will return because I know they can do better, but given the status of my hydration and my pummeled taste buds, I'm going for it. 

Mitch (salt-lovin' Mitch) and I were excited to find out that despite it's club-like, martini-serving exterior, DMK Burger Bar is a hip (using the word, "hip" means I'm not, I realize this), contemporary, forward-thinking, swanky burger joint. I was in love, love, love as soon as I walked in and read the "grass-fed beef" sign, creative beer list, fried okra and pickle starter, deviled eggs and the proclamation that they have the best veggie burger around.  The menu is fun and inspired with a sensational fry selection, a few salads, dreamy sounding mac & cheese or grilled cheese plates, and beef, turkey and veggie burger options at rock-bottom prices.  With a White Allagash in hand, I was gleeful. 

She's Come Undone...

While Mitch and my table mates, Thomas and Philip, seemed unaffected, happy to have a burger in hand, I had a meltdown.  Without warning, my meal began to spiral out of control. 

My "best veggie burger ever" was deep fried like a hash-brown and as a sank my teeth into the perfect bun topped affectionately with a slice of eggplant, my tongue writhed in pain from a salty sensation that made my eyes cross.  I took a sip of my beer.  Mild relief. 

I breathed deeply and the inner dialogue began.

Don't panic, it's grainy and good even though it's fried, look at the eggplant, eggplants are good.  Oh God, are they?  Oh God, no, they soak up all the fat they can!  My hash-brown is wearing a sponge! I'm soaking up the oils with my eggplant sponge and I'm eating it!!!

Relax, this place is so close to your apt.  The staff has been so warm and friendly, the server's sweater is super cute, you can do this.  Try a fry, yes, try a fry, ooh, the one with the Parmesan and truffle, m,m,m,m,m, aaaaaah!  My tongue!  It's a salt lick with truffle!  Dip it in the creamy dressing for relief, oh no, the fat-filled, chunky dressing! 

Stop it.  It's a burger bar, I love burgers, and there are so many places in town that serve up great burgers and this one needs to be one of them. 

Lemme try a taste of your burger, Mitch, m,m,m,m,m, by God, it's the salt again!  I could hear my tongue scream in shock and plead with me to stop this torture. 

So I did. 

I stopped eating.  I sat there disappointed wondering how I was going to re-balance my fluids over the next 24 hours, indulging in short bursts of nutrition rants for my dinner mates' pleasure.


"It's a burger joint", they would say, in defense of the heavy-handed, salt shaker in the kitchen. As though burgers were meant to be cured on their way out to the table.  As though we should accept over-indulging in salt, without any regard for taste, because it's a burger.  An all-American beef burger doesn't mean that health is out the window!  I don't accept that!   

"No!  It's not acceptable!" I exclaimed a little more frantically than the situation called for. "They didn't mean to do it!"  I don't think they intended their grass-fed beef to be bathed in sea salt.  They didn't mean to send their fries out in a blizzard of sodium!  This was a mistake. Someone poked too many holes in the salt shaker, they accidentally doubled-up on doses, or at the very least, the esteemed chef forgot to taste the food. Whatever the case, no one meant for the food to be this salty. 

Or did they?  Everyone around me looked quite pleased.  The burgers and the toppings were lovely after all.  The ingredients fresh, cooked right and served beautifully.  Could it be that the amount of salt was OK with everyone but me?  How will we ever lower our sodium intake if we can handle this much salt in one meal??? 

It Starts with Taste Buds

So, I sit, recovering, reflecting on my salty night out, tongue still sensitive, fingers a bit swollen, with a glass full of water, writing about salt in the American diet. I'm glad to hear that the food industry is doing something about the sodium content of frequently-purchased foods and that chains of restaurants are modifying their saltiness.  But as I learned from Marshall Shafkowitz of Le Cordon Bleu, and put in a previous post, eating right out is a personal choice and Chefs have to understand their patrons' preferences.  In that case, I guess that means that if they want to pay for salty, you give them salty. 

Salt Solution

The food industry is making small modifications that may have a big impact on a nationwide level; 20% sounds quite dramatic for the general population of the US.  We'll still be above the recommended limits if we're consuming double, but I hesitate to complain because I think it's going to be challenging for people to manage their salt-tooth.  I didn't see anyone else freaking out over a salty burger last night.  In fact, everyone seemed finger-licking pleased. 

I guess we'll have to wait to see if these salt reductions affect our taste buds, lower our blood pressure and maybe even create a consumer that wants to pay for less salty, so gets less salty.       
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5 Courses at Rick Bayless's Topolobampo

You may remember, from a previous post, that I'm scared of prix fixe.  So when I sat down to dine at Rick Bayless's Topolobampo, I had to face my fear of again.  I was dining with fellow Chicago food experts, David Grotto, acclaimed author of 101 Optimal Life Foods and 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life; American Dietetic Association Media Spokesperson, Toby Smithson, Christine M. Palumbo from Speaking of Health, Cathy Kapica of Lazy Cook, Crazy Cook and Shannon Gomes who works with California Strawberries.  Needless to say, we were all wanting to eat right and some of us decided to see how Bayless's Celebration Tasting Menu would do.

When you're dining at Topolobampo and you choose the tasting menu, you may be challenged to Eat Right with Ease if you lick your plates.  If you taste, rather than clean, then Rick offers a variety of foods that will provide you a nutrient-rich dining experience.  If you choose to skip the tasting menu, then you can Eat Right with Ease at Topolobampo because there are many non-fried, vegetable rich, mild and spicy options for you to enjoy a la carte!   

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Diet & Exercise News You Can Use

On a daily basis, I receive streaming updates from a variety of online news sources showcasing the latest and greatest diet and fitness headlines from across the country.  Some of them highlight new trends, others alert readers to recent research findings, while many are authored by dietitians giving sound nutrition advice.  Despite the plethora of diet and fitness tips and quips, discussions and reports, they don't appear to be moving the needle towards better health in our nation. 

Have we become desensitized to the healthy headlines?  I'm concerned that hard-earned research results and healthy recommendations have become background noise...elevator music...rather than useful information that we can use to change and improve our own lives and lifestyle.  I'm worried that we are doing more reading than changing, and dismissing important guidance with the day's clutter. To help you sift through the news, I've pulled out several articles from big and small places, and broken them down into easy-to-digest soundbites that may act as a stimulus for diet and lifestyle changes.  Who knows, maybe they'll help us move the needle. (The links to the complete stories are below.) 

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Beard Papa's Perfect Puff

For several years now, work has taken me to NYC, so whenever I went east, I would squeeze in a cream puff run to a Japanese bakery chain called, Beard Papa's.  As luck would have it, in late 2009, Papa brought their love to Chicago's loop on the pedway level of Block 37, Suite 50 on 108 N. State.

It may seem like bearded papas have little to do with the most decadent, delicious, puffy, creamy, delightful handfuls of the tastes dreams are made of, but, whatever the name, Beard Papa's cream puffs are amazing.  (According to Metromix, it is named after the owner's grandfather's beard.) 

I love Beard Papa's puffs for the pleasure it provides, but as a dietitian, I am very fond of its modest calorie contribution.  If you choose the traditional cream puff, it will cost you a mere 220 calories, 13 grams of fat and 7 grams of sugar.  While a chocolate dipped is offered, the bare naked cream puff is perfect, just the way it is. 

Beard Papa 001.jpg


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Can you Eat Right and Hearty?

I know.  The word, hearty rarely implies, "low-fat", "light", "low calorie", "veggie-rich".  Actually, I'm pretty sure it conjures images and mouthfuls of warm, yummy, comfort foods, just like Mom used to make, and smother in gravy.  Yes, it makes me hungry too.  That's why I had to taste what the Food Network famed partners, Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, were serving at their Chicago restaurant, Hearty.  Can you eat right and hearty?  

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Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight? Podcast!

Many people are trying so hard to eat right, lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle. Consumers and experts will say that we are challenged by confusing food labels, contradictory advice and misleading nutrition tales.  We seem to understand what we need to do - so why is it so hard?  Why is it so difficult to eat a balanced diet and maintain a normal body weight?  Listen to my 1st podcast on

Eat Right Around Podcast on my website

Eat Right Around Podcast on iTunes

Cafe Spiaggia on Michigan Ave.

Like I said, I am scared of prix fixe menus, therefore Chicago's Restaurant Week makes me nervous.  I also rarely dine on Michigan Ave., so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (such a violent adage) and dine at Cafe Spiaggia at 980 Michigan Ave. during Chicago's Restaurant Week.  Given that I my menu picks were fixed, was I able to eat right? 

I've decided that Chicago's Restaurant Week isn't a fair way to determine if a restaurant provides eat right options.  I've also decided that it is a good way to enjoy an expensive meal at a discounted rate, but it might not highlight the most amazing culinary creations on the menu. 

Cafe Spiaggia earns an Eat Right Rating of Eat Right with Options.  Although the prix fixe items were right off their usual  menu, I think I'd have to choose my own meal to know for sure.

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Why I'm Scared of Prix Fixe

I love everything about dining out. 

I love being escorted to my table, assessing the area like I'm buying a house - looking for quiet neighbors, great view, comfortable weather. 

Yes, I'd love water - tap please. 

I love cloth napkins. 

I love opening the menu for the first time, evaluating it for the tastes I crave, knowing that I can choose anything I want. 

I love contemplating the wine and when the server has a suggestion and describes it with descriptors that are meaningful, not just "fruity" or "dry". 

I love the anticipation - will the server be personable, will we love the specials, will I remember my meal, will we comment on the way out, "that was the best meal we've had in a longtime". 

I love that you have to look right at your dinner mate when you talk and because of this intimacy, you learn so much about each other and solve so many of the world's problems (but only if the food is good). 

I love that the size of the table matters to me and that I like to look out the window, rather than into the restaurant. 

I love it when the server truly loves food and respects time rather than being too rushed or moving too slowly.  I love it when they tell you that you should try this, or that they don't think that is all that - and you can tell that they mean it. And I love it when they're right and you share a look that says, "wow, that was a little bit of heaven in my mouth". 

I love it when the food makes me proclaim, "holy shit, you have to taste this," or "this is just stupid," or "I think the Chef loves me," or "AMAZING!" or when I can't say anything at all because I'm weeping. 

I love dining out for these reasons, and so many more. 

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart and abashment that I confess:  I am scared of Chicago's restaurant week and I'm scared of prix fixe menus.    
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Foods for Good Sex - Live on Daily Buzz

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I was on the Daily Buzz Morning Show. The "holiday" has passed, but I have a feeling that interest in foods that are good for sex has not - at least I hope not (he he).


Daily Buzz Morning Show - Today, I'm on it!

I'll be on the Daily Buzz Morning Show today to talk about how to get Hot and Healthy for Valentine's Day!  Check listings to watch it in your area!  

Things That Make You Want to Do-It

It's Valentine's Day and for those that think this is a real holiday, you may be planning a night out with your mate, partner, spouse, luvva or someone you'd like to do it with (have dinner, that is).  While peacocking may be your attention-grabbing tactic of choice, there are other things that may get you (and your partner) in the mood.  Here is a list of foods that are not your typical "aphrodisiacs" (I left out oysters) but have been considered for their sexual prowess.  Word of caution - unlike most of the nutrition tips I provide - the science is a bit "loose" when it comes to foods that turn you on [insert bad joke here] - and I've focused on foods you eat, rather than the science behind sexy scents.  Lastly, I've included a couple of things that may help you want to "do-it" over the long term and their supporting science is more robust. 

Gallery sneak peek (10 images):

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Behind the Green Screen (the actual screen)

I recently purchased a video camera, so will be adding some fun food footage here and there.  And, just for more fun, here is the creation of our makeshift green screen (no nutrition tips included). 

Healthy Super Bowl...Really?!?

The "Wing Bowl" Buffalo Wing Eating Contest Is Held In Philadelphia
As with many annual events or holidays, Super Bowl parties have become a gathering for us to fill our faces with high fat, high sugar, unhealthy foods.  Because of this, it creates an opportunity for nutrition experts to give helpful hints and share tricks of the trade to lower the fat, sugar and calories in your favorite recipes.  Between the bombardment of recipes, tips and ideas for party planning, I have become concerned about this odd behavior that we repeat year after year.  So, rather than provide you more ideas for creating the best, healthiest Super Bowl party ever, I have some issues for reflection.     

In the words of Seth Meyers from SNL's news, "Really?!?!"  We can't figure out how to not overindulge on Super Bowl Sunday?  While I appreciate that it's an opportunity to teach people how to make healthier choices year-round, I'm concerned that we can't figure it out. Here are my questions for consideration. 

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Chocolate Prix Fixe at Sola

Without much planning, we headed to Sola Restaurant on Monday night (I didn't even shower) and had the most amazing meal we have had in a long time.  It was so wonderful...we filmed it. 

Note:  First video experience and so excited to add a new element to the Eat Right Around blog!


Get your Veg On Easily

Did you know that only 27% of Americans get the recommended number of vegetables in their diet per day?  That's very low.  That means that 73% of us are not eating at least 2.5-3 cups of vegetables per day.  If you think you might fall into this 73% and you think that eating 2.5-3 cups a day sounds too difficult.  Worry no more.  Here is an easy way to get the veggies you need - and it's not a salad.  I say, if you have a tough time eating them, then puree them!  It's so easy, even someone that would rather eat out can make it! 

Ingredients (mix and match as you see fit, this is just what I did): 

- Carrots
- Sweet Potato
- Acorn Squash
- Onion
- Ginger
- Chicken or Vegetable Bouillon
- Water
- Fat Free Milk (optional)
- Fresh Thyme
- Curry Spice

Directions and the nutrients you'll get:

Gallery sneak peek (7 images):

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