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7 Myths About Sustainable Seafood

As the weather warms (maybe), it's time to eat seafood.  So, I thought it was appropriate to talk about the confusing area of sustainable seafood.  Here's the problem...I'm not a seafood expert.  And I don't want you to suspect that anything fishy (sorry) is going on, so I invited a contributor on board (eh) to steer the helm (I'll stop).  There's no better fish expert to consult than the very green, very lean and not-at-all mean, Kate Geagan, MS, RD, America's Green Dietitian.  Welcome, Kate! 

7 Must-Read Myths about Sustainable Seafood

In terms of a powerful lever you can push in our food system to tip it towards "sustainable", you can't get much bigger than fish; it lands right up there with meat at the top of the heap when it comes to eco-impact. Yet it's also one of Earth's healthiest protein sources (packed with a litany of other benefits, ranging from Omega-3s to selenium to vitamin D), so we nutritionists love to put it on the pedestal of ultimate healthy eating.  But how to choose?  I chatted with ocean advocate and visionary seafood chef Barton Seaver, whose new cookbook For Cod and Country dishes up sustainable seafood that somehow manages to be dazzling, delicious, yet totally doable for the home chef (for full interview with Seaver, visit my blog).   With his input, I compiled 7 myths about sustainable seafood with the truth and my tips to help you navigate the waters. 

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10 Ways to Make a Better Easter Basket

I think it's important for all of you to consider the contents of your child's Easter basket very carefully.  I know that we all may think of sugary beans and treats for a proper and popular Easter basket (and I already talked about reasons to eat the bunny in yesterday's post). That said, I think it's important to share with you the best Easter basket ever, so that you may decide if you'd like to steal my parents' bright idea or take my recommendations on how to make a better Easter basket. 

The RTB (reason to believe) my great ideas is that I grew up to be very active - I'm even an Ironman triathlete.  I'm not saying that I owe all of my healthy, active interests to my parents' wise choice on Easter 1979 - I'm just sayin' - you may want to consider a basket filled with gear over goodies. 

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