Eat Right Around Chicago

Eat Right Rating System

The Eat Right Rating System

1.  Eat Right with Ease (and thank the Chef on the way out):  The restaurant that achieves this top Eat Right rating is full of flavor, with fabulous, nutrition-wise choices, unpretentious, impeccable service and just a lovely place to dine. This type of restaurant offers a menu where dietitians and foodies can come together and rejoice - the food is delicious, skillfully created and worth every penny rather than pound. 

2. Eat Right with Options:  This restaurant is unlikely to be visited by the Michelin Guide reviewers, but it's good enough to eat.  You might not tell your friends that they "must go here", but the food is good and the service/experience makes for a fine night out.  They have a few options for those that want to eat right, but it may be more in the salad section or you have to request that they "hold the [insert fattening item here]".  Overall, worth a meal. 

3.  Must Eat!  But not Right:  Some restaurants are just so bad (for you) that they're good.  You should go here because it's all about your buds, not your butt.  This is a place you should try because it is heaven in your mouth, but don't go too frequently because it's hell on your waist.  So, eat - because it is sooo good - but don't expect to eat right.  This restaurant will be one of those "portion control" places. 

4.  Eat Right...Wrong:  I hope to use this rating as little as possible.  This rating is for the dining spot that doesn't try hard enough - they have high fat, high calorie, highly fried items, but they forgot to add the flavor.  If it tastes good because it's bathed in butter, dripping in cream sauce or battered & fried, that's not a culinary creation - it's just fattening.  If you're going to do fattening, I want to writhe in pleasure.       

Diet Disclosures:  things you should know about my dining philosophy.

1.  I'm looking for the most nutrient-rich, heart healthy, nutritious, delicious options when I visit a restaurant...but it needs to suit my taste buds first. I'm not going to order items that I don't like just because they are the "healthiest" it's important that you know that I don't like the taste of salmon, mushrooms, duck, lamb, the liver of anything, olives, ceviche made with raw seafood or sushi (not as a rule, rather based on my mood).

eating pizza.JPG

Piece on North Ave.

Along the same lines, I'm looking for the healthiest choices, but you should know that I'm very fond of pizza (Chicago, NY or Boston style), tempura, cheese and bread, mouthwatering meatballs, pot pie, pastry chefs and anytime bread is combined with the word pudding.  And, I heart fried food.

2.  I manage my meals "out" with my daily choices "in".  I believe that eating right is a long term commitment, so I don't believe in splurging or restricting.  I weigh the benefits of each bite, rate taste and consider all my meals when making a selection.  If I have eggs benedict for breakfast, it's not a pizza night. It's about trade-offs and simple switches to achieve a plant-based, varied diet every day (with some meat here and there of course).   

on a bike 2.jpg
3.  I don't overeat.  I listen to my hunger and never leave feeling like I'm going to burst.

4.  I exercise.  There is an ebb and flow to my workout schedule, but I am active.  Therefore I'll let you know if I ride my bike for 3 hours before choosing pot pie.

5.  I weigh myself frequently...I like to know where I stand and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I have too many clothes that fit me and I don't really like to shop, so its best if I maintain my size.    

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