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One Simple Step to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

'Tis the season for worrying about holiday weight gain.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the the self-help to-do lists to avoid packing on the L-Bs for the winter, but would rather not get Santa-fat this December, I have come up with a one-step program to help you out.  Actually, one size does not fit all, so I have created ten, one-step programs so you can find the one that works best for you.  

The idea is that you apply this one step EVERY DAY - that's the only way that it will work.  Some of these steps are very difficult and downright mean, but if you are determined to maintain (or even lose weight) over the holidays, one of these tough one-step programs may be your solution.  There is no money back guarantee for this one-step strategy, 'cuz it's free and I made them up (granted, I have some nutrition expertise, but still).  But definitely let me know how it goes!  

Note:  you are welcome to take on more than one of the programs during the next few weeks - there may be a dose response!  

Results may vary (says my fake legal team).  

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New Year's Eve Cocktail Party Menu 4-1-1

Throwing a holiday cocktail party?  Like me, you are probably pressed for time and searching for inspiration.  Search no more, I have done the work for you by throwing a cocktail get-together last night.  Cocktail party 4-1-1...your entire menu from start to finish for 12 guests.  It has been tried, tested, tasted and the results reveal a crowd-pleasing, sufficiently nutritious (code for, includes some treats and some eat right options) evening.    

The Menu (we had four stops:  Treasure Island, Whole Foods, Binny's and Pastoral):

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Top 10 Ways to Get Fat for Christmas

'Tis the season for holiday cheer and gatherings around the fireplace, hors d'oeuvres, feasts, pies and bar.  Many of you may be looking for ways to eat right and maintain your weight this holiday.  You will find that you have many choices. You'll be faced with figurative forks in the road, with a fork in your hand. 

How can someone get fat for ask?  Quite easily according to Kyle Shadix, MS, RD, CCC, registered dietitian and certified chef.  "A holiday meal can easily exceed 3,500 calories," claims Shadix, "if you do the math, an additional 3,500 calories a day for even 3 days could lead to an excess of 5,700 calories if you only need about 1,600 per day."  And there you have it, it could lead to a weight gain about 2 lbs - and this may be a modest estimate.

So with a bit of sarcasm and holiday cheer, here are your top 10 ways to get fat for Christmas!

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Unwind at Near North Chicago Restaurant - Le Colonial

While I am certain that this Chicago restaurant in Near North is amazing year round, I'd like to recommend it as a "must-visit" this holiday season. Le Colonial's elegance, warmth and romantic ambiance creates a stunning dining experience on a cold, winter's eve.  Combined with their attentive staff and delectable, French-Vietnamese cuisine, Le Colonial is an ideal end to a bustling day of shopping, or a welcoming setting for a holiday celebration.  You'll find comfort in their space as well as in the their menu; you will also find it quite easy to eat right.  

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Eat Right with ChicagoNow Radio - Listen Here!

In case you missed it, you can listen to the podcast of ChicagoNow Radio, WGN 720

I had a great time chatting it up with host Bill Leff and the fabulous blogger, Patricia Diesen of Chicago Eats Allergy-Free

Get Fat for Christmas on ChicagoNow Radio!

Tune in! 

I will be joining Bill Leff on ChicagoNow Radio WGN 720 Saturday morning at 10 AM - live in the studio at the Tribune Towers to talk about the top 10 ways to get fat for Christmas. And, more importantly, how to avoid it!   

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