Eat Right Around Chicago

About Eat Right Around Chicago

Eating around Chicago?  From top chefs to sausage superstores to international fare, Chicago's culinary community is tempting, tasty and bursting at the seams.  So how do you enjoy the amazing cuisine this city has to offer without bursting your own seams?

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As a Registered Dietitian, I have made it my mission to eat my way around the city...but I'm going to EAT RIGHT around each and every neighborhood.  I refuse to starve my taste buds, deconstruct a chef's creation to save waist and I won't miss a local hot spot. Simultaneously, I will maintain my weight, make nutritious choices and keep my nutrient dense diet. 

My aim is to give easy to digest diet tips, nutrition insights and ideas to dine right at any eating establishment.  I don't believe in compromising taste to eat right; good food and a healthy body are not mutually exclusive.  I rate restaurants based on their "yummy-ness" as well as their healthiness.   

Follow me each day, check out my restaurant reviews and see what I ordered to eat right around Chicago! 

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