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The Real Benefits of Exercise

Yesterday I was thinking about my blog, and all of you, while lathering a menthol muscle rub - wistfully missing my frequent dining out, tired of referring to food as "fuel".  I'm 7 weeks from Ironman Wisconsin and training has hijacked my life.  I could nap at the drop of a swim cap, eat my body weight in carbs and I feel like a crackhead getting a fix when the physical therapist pokes around my muscles.  I think my hair...

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Awesome Barb said:


So exciting that you're doing IMoo! I'm volunteering with some friends in the women's T2 area. You'll have to say hi. :)

EatRightAroundChicago said:


Great! You will see me when I'm still smiling...I don't start cursing and groaning until the run!

Thanks for reading and for volunteering at IM!

Rachel M. Wolfe said:


Hahaha love this! Yes I love exercising. It puts me in a good mood, heightens creativity and allows me to eat as much Rice or Soy Dream I want and still have a flat tummy. The secret to a six-pack? Running! So simple. Ahhh...water, that glass looked super refreshing!

EatRightAroundChicago said:


That is the first time that I've heard someone say that they run so that they can drink Rice or Soy milk! I'd argue that walking would suffice if that's your splurge...hahahaha.

No, keep running, it's better for your cardiorespiratory fitness!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Mark Beier said:


Great stuff Jenna! I agree with every one of those and especially the Cheeseburger...or for me it's a bacon, avocado, fried egg burger!
I also think there's something to passing the "test"....after all that training, did you pass that "test"...your own test, not someone else's but the test you laid down for yourself when you started training. It's a little different than the sense of accomplishment you get, it's about where

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