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Worst dining trends that are making us fat!

The Chicago Tribune published 10 Worst Dining Trends of the Last Decade and it got me thinking...not only do I agree that foam is weird (looks like spit) and the fried onion blossom is ridiculous (should be called fried blossom as the onion seems like an after thought), I think that we could devise a list of worst dining trends that are making us fat.  Some are not trends, they have been around for a while.  Either way, here it goes:   
1.  Butter.  Butter with your bread, on your veggies, melted for dipping, drenching a side dish or as a brown butter sauce. I think that butter tastes good, but are you really a talented chef if you make something taste good by adding butter?  It's like Oprah-lighting - it makes guests look great. 

2.  High fat/high calorie foods that are described as "natural".  This word bugs me.  It means very little and it tricks us into thinking that it's healthy.  Here are some other things that could be labeled  natural:  "shrooms", UV rays, E. Coli, poisonous plants and lightening.
Denver table of food 2.jpg
3.  Portion sizes.  I don't want to ask for 1/2 in a take home before I start eating, I don't want to share everything and I don't want to explode.  Please just provide me a human-appropriate amount of food - I'm not hibernating after I dine. 

4.  Beverages.  As if soft drinks weren't enough, you can get a flavored, sugary beverage at just about any fast food joint. Thick shakes, sweetened teas, "juice" blends, smoothies, coffee dessert drinks...I could go on.  The point is that they contain calories, sometimes a lot, and frequently accompany a meal.  So next time you sit down with a meal and add a calorie-containing beverage, think about it like this - you may have added a 4 mile run to your meal (about 400 calories). 

5.  Pork belly.  It's just too fatty.  I don't know what else to's just a strip of fat.  Just fat.  Belly.  Fat. 

I may add to this list in the future...but for now, I shall stop at 5...I'm getting upset.  Here's my plea:  help us eat right, restaurants, we want to dine out!   



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