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Size Matters at Graham Elliot Chicago Restaurant

Chef Graham Elliot Bowles is on fire.  When I heard that he served up lobster corndogs and truffle popcorn for Lollapalooza this past summer, I figured if he was feeding Jane's Addiction, he could feed mine.  I knew about the "bistronomic" concept and flare for the fun and creative, but would I be able to eat right?
As promised, the ambiance at Graham Elliot was distinctly different, friendly and comfortable.  We sat near the kitchen (I recommend asking for a table by the window, but that's just me--I have a thing for gazing out large windows at parking meters) and started with a bountiful bowl of popcorn laced with truffle oil and parmesan.  Delicious, but dangerous:  it's bottomless (insert your own pun here).  Easy solution--ask the waiter to stop, he'll laugh and comply--ours did.  And I recommend this because if you wipe your fingers on your shirt after picking the popcorn, you'll see the truffle oil leaves a mark (like any good fat does). 

While lobster corndogs may break some rules--fried, breaded, CORNDOG--we figured out the trick to eating right at Graham Elliot early on--the portion sizes are reasonable and one fabulous bite delights. 

Our table of 4 shared the dog, tasted the creatively designed Signature Caesar salad (yes, I said Caesar salad--I know, I was surprised it was ordered but we had no choice--it came with a brioche twinkie!) and perfectly appropriately sized heirloom tomatoes with hand-pulled mozzarella. 

The scallops were affectionately prepared (leaving no sand in the teeth) and my table mates were pleased with my willingness to share. 

After tasting my way through dinner, pleasantly satisfied, not painfully stuffed, we dipped our spoons into a smart-sized, but mouth-watering blend of chocolate pudding pop makes love to that chocolate crunch on Carvel ice cream cake--in your mouth, and an easy, breezy, beautiful sorbet resting along side panna cotta. 

While I have every reason to believe that Graham knows how to use butter and dabbles in the pork fat, he serves the right sizes, portions plates properly and joins my list of places to eat right around Chicago! 



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