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Mediterranean Chicago Restaurant in Lakeview: Eat Right at the Casbah!

Eat right in the neighborhood...Chicago Mediterranean restaurant, Casbah Cafe!  With the plethora of roaming cabs, bus stops and train depots, or for those with a parking spot and vault full of quarters, any neighborhood's gem is for the food picking.  And this great find is in the neighborhood of Lakeview (more on the East side).   

Now, this wasn't the first time I was rocked by the Casbah (sorry for the predictable pun)...I know the comfortable, albeit slightly tacky décor, exposed cooking station, the intellectual server, Lamar and the table by the windows for watching the eclectic passersby. 

Casbah is consistent and predictable...and offers many grease-free, non-fried, nutrient rich (don't be scared) options for any diner to eat right.  To start, Lamar will bring you pita bread fresh from the oven brushed with a bit of oil, it's good, but figure about 100 calories for 2 triangles, so keep it in check. 

I head to the no frills Jerusalem Salad of freshly chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and parsley, with tasty tahini dressing.  The entrées at Casbah come with your choice of salad or soup...already at the salad, so get the soup.  It's delicious and there's a nutritious angle--it's pureed carrot and ginger--flavorful and antioxidant heavy.  After a salad and soup, I share a Moroccan Chicken Brochette couscous served with pistachios and apricots.  It's big enough for two, but not a diet disaster if you scoop the fluffy couscous and tangy apricots without a mate.  And hey, pistachios are full of vitamins and minerals and although they have fat, it's a good fat and really, there are not enough on the plate to derail your efforts. 

Want to talk more about nutrient density?  Couscous has fiber, and apricots are one of the best sources of beta-carotene.  Final selling points--Casbah is BYOB, inexpensive and sure to satisfy your craving for the broad region that bellies up to the Mediterranean Sea, without broadening your belly region. 



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