Eat Right Around Chicago

How to Eat Right Around Chicago Restaurants

Eating around Chicago?  From top chefs to sausage superstores to international fare, Chicago's culinary community is tempting, tasty and bursting at the seams.  So how do you enjoy the amazing cuisine this city has to offer without bursting your own seams?  Follow me each day, check out my restaurant reviews and see what I ordered to eat right around Chicago! 
My aim is to give easy to digest diet tips, nutrition insights and ideas to dine right at any eating establishment.  I don't believe in compromising taste to eat right; good food and a healthy body are not mutually exclusive.  I rate restaurants based on their "yummy-ness" as well as their healthiness.  

Here are my "diet disclosures":  

1.  I'm looking for the most nutrient-rich, heart healthy, nutritious, delicious options when I visit a restaurant...but it needs to suit my taste buds first. I'm not going to order items that I don't like just because they are the "healthiest" it's important that you know that I don't like the taste of salmon, mushrooms, duck, lamb, the liver of anything, olives, ceviche made with raw seafood or sushi (not as a rule, rather based on my mood).

Along the same lines, I'm looking for the healthiest choices, but you should know that I'm very fond of pizza (Chicago, NY or Boston style), tempura, cheese and bread, mouthwatering meatballs, pot pie, pastry chefs and anytime bread is combined with the word pudding.  And, I heart fried food.

eating pizza.JPG
2.  I manage my meals "out" with my daily choices "in".  I believe that eating right is a long term commitment, so I don't believe in splurging or restricting.  I weigh the benefits of each bite, rate taste and consider all my meals when making a selection.  If I have eggs benedict for breakfast, it's not a pizza night. It's about trade-offs and simple switches to achieve a plant-based, varied diet every day (with some meat here and there of course).   

3.  I don't overeat.  I listen to my hunger and never leave feeling like I'm going to burst.

on a bike 2.jpg
4.  I exercise.  There is an ebb and flow to my workout schedule, but I am active.  Therefore I'll let you know if I ride my bike for 3 hours before choosing pot pie.

5.  I weigh myself frequently...I like to know where I stand and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I have too many clothes that fit me and I don't really like to shop, so its best if I maintain my size.

6.  I'm going to include nutrition tips, debunk myths and answer burning diet dilemmas throughout my blogs.  I am compelled to spread the good nutrition word in hopes that over time, your nutrition knowledge and food know-how will increase as well! 



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Karen Morse said:

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I can't wait to hear what you have to share. I do not live in Chicago but I can take your food and diet tips and make them work in Boston, or Nashua for that matter. Your pics look fantastic and if I can look half as good as you than I am psyched to utilize your tips and eat what I want to eat from the menu, not what my brain is telling me the menu wants me to eat. I know this is a new blog for you but I think it is going to be great. I wish you the best of luck! Enjoy eating right around Chicago! Love ya. KM

EatRightAroundChicago said:


Thank you, Karen! You're a good friend and I when I visit Nashua and Boston, I'll post a review just for you!

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