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Iceland's disability logo: Modern twist on a classic look


Inspired by our post about whether or not the disability logo needs a makeover, one of our readers sent us a photo from across the ocean.  Quinn passed along a great picture of a disability logo he found in Iceland!  It's modern, sleek, and accomplishes the goal of making it look as if the person in the chair is pushing him or herself. 


Found at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

I have to admit, this is the most creative disability logo I've seen since beginning work on this blog.  And it just may be my favorite.  Thanks Quinn for passing it along!



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Quinn said:

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Glad you guys liked it. Incidentally, Reykjavik is one of the most accessible cities I've been to. The rest of Iceland is a bit less so, but that's only because it's mostly wilderness.

Daniel said:


Is Reykjavik a pretty modern city? Obviously, older places like Paris, cities in Spain, etc., were pretty inaccessible during my visit there. But I'd imagine more modern cities such as Hong Kong might be some of the most accessible places to go.

Quinn said:

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It's fairly modern - I think that up until WWII it was more like a village than a city - and it's also very small. The central area has a somewhat old-fashioned European feel to it but without cobblestones, twisty streets, or anything like that.

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