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Disability and God's Kingdom

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We've recently received a reader question regarding how our religious beliefs affect how we deal with our disabilities. This response reflects my personal views.

Let's face it, the world is not always the happiest place.  Things that seemingly have no rhyme or reason happen all the time.  There are wars, natural disasters, hurtful people, and corrupt officials.  Not to be left out are conditions that lead to disability.  If all these things exist, is there a God?  If so, how does disability fit into His kingdom?

I have a confident belief that there is a God.  As I gain more understanding, the stronger my faith becomes.  As a Christian, it is my view that God created the earth, ourselves, and all other forms of life.The existence of God, just like the theory of evolution, requires a leap of faith to truly embrace what one feels and believes to be real.  

God did not create sin, he created free choice so we could choose between right and wrong. I believe that all sin in this world stems from original sin (when Satan's deception assisted Adam and Eve in their decision to eat of the forbidden fruit).

The devil is always looking to undermine all that God has created and all that he has done.
God allows sin because it tests our faith by allowing us to make good or bad decisions.

I know that disability has a place in God's kingdom.  Some may be asking how somebody with a disability can even believe that. How come I'm not embittered to the world and the very idea of God?  As far as I am concerned, God allowed me to have a disability for a reason.  I believe that the truth of my condition continues to draw me closer to God.  We all have different challenges in our lives.  In fact, these can be compared to disabilities.  There is always something that can hold us back if we let it. This also tells us that there is always something that we can overcome if we choose to do so.

In all that I have learned, only God can help us to truly overcome the obstacles in our lives. This is so because God sent Jesus to be his intermediary to us and the ultimate and final sacrifice against sin.  This life is only temporary, and I believe that those who accept Jesus will be given new bodies in a heaven that is free from evil, sin, and suffering. Of course, I am coming from a Christian perspective.

I believe that disability is simply a way that God tests my faith.  I truly feel that it gives my life purpose.  I have been led to raise disability awareness and become a positive example. God is the one who decided what my life would be like. I have total faith and comfort in his decision.  There is no reason for me to be upset or miserable in my circumstances.  
My situation is in the control of the Wisest Being.



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Haddayr said:


I have never understood this question. People ask me this, like: does your disability make you mad at God, or does your disability make you think there is no God?

My spiritual beliefs differ from yours; they are more nebulous and not specific to Christ or even the Adam and Eve story. But I believe God is here to comfort us in trouble, not to keep us from experiencing trouble, and I'm always baffled by people who ask this. Have they never lost someone they loved dearly? Have they never been hungry? Have they never noticed war and famine and misery in the world? How have they missed these things? How on earth is my having MS even close to on a par with these other miseries?

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