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Letting Go of 'Lost'

Marc Harshbarger

I love pop culture of the 1960s, '70s and '80s - and that's why my cat is named Mr. Grant.


Well, Lost is finally over. It was an emotional ending that I will never forget - and it made me want to pet my cats (I'll explain later).

So here are my thoughts on the last episode of the TV series in chronological order - beginning with the two-hour special, Lost: The Final Journey:

It's clever the way ABC incorporates fans' "final transmissions" (i.e. personal messages) into actual scenes from the show.

The British accent of Naveen Andrews (Sayid) and the American accent of Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) take some getting used to.

Only four scenes of the series were not filmed in Hawaii. Now that's amazing.

I like the Lost Target commercials - especially the one with the Smoke Monster and the smoke alarm.

Nestor Carbonell (Richard) does not wear eyeliner - a funny comment from the creators of the series.

And now the last episode of Lost:

8:12 pm: One of my favorite lines - "This would be so sweet if we weren't all about to die" - Hurley to Kate and Jack, whose true feelings for each other are clearly expressed in this episode.

8:15 pm: I love seeing Rose, Bernard and Vincent the dog again - and that they rescued Desmond from the well. And I'm greatly relieved when Locke doesn't kill them. I was worried there for a second since on Lost, no one is ever safe.

8:20 pm: I'm happy when Miles finds Richard Alpert alive after the Smoke Monster threw him in the jungle in the previous episode.

8:24 pm: Elizabeth Mitchell returns as Juliet, who checks on Sun's baby. This makes me even more happy. And Sun and Jin both remember their time on the island - it's so wonderful to see them again.

8:32 pm: Miles plucks Richard's first gray hair - a funny moment.

8:33 pm: Frank Lapidus somehow survived the submarine sinking. I wish that Sun and Jin had, too.

8:39 pm: Earlier today I suddenly thought that Juliet might turn out to be Jack's mysterious ex-wife in Parallel Time - for some reason this hadn't crossed my mind before - but I'm glad it came true. But I'm disappointed when she and Sawyer don't recognize each other as their paths cross in the hospital.

8:47 pm: Hurley takes Sayid to wait outside of a bar, where the latter is reunited with Shannon. Boone got his sister to come back from Australia when actress Maggie Grace agreed to appear in the final episode. However, Sayid's true love was Nadia, not Shannon, so I do find it kind of odd that they end up together.

8:58 pm: It's nice that Daniel Faraday/Widmore gets a scene with his true love, the gorgeous Charlotte.

9:05 pm: After Desmond makes the light go out, MIB Locke becomes human again - an interesting twist.

9:11 pm: Kate and Claire both get flashbacks as the former delivers the latter's baby for a second time. And Claire and Charlie are happily reunited. I found their scene the most moving of all the reunions.

9:18 pm: Best cut to a commercial: As Jack is about to attack MIB Locke, who has a knife, during a rainstorm as the island is about to sink. Such drama! I love it!

9:22 pm: MIB Locke stabs Jack, but Kate shoots MIB Locke dead. Yeah, Kate!

9:24 pm: The bloody cut on Jack's neck now makes sense in Parallel Time as he received it during his fight with MIB Locke on the island.

9:27 pm: Locke can feel his legs after Jack performs spinal surgery on him - and he remembers the past. "You don't have a son, Jack", Locke tells him, which, of course, is a difficult thing for the good doctor to comprehend.

9:32 pm: I love Sawyer's confusion as a happy Sun tells him, "I am safe", and Jin says, "We'll see you there."

9:36 pm: Saddest line - "Tell me I'm going to see you again" - Kate to Jack just before they confess their love for each other and kiss.

9:45 pm: Sawyer and Juliet remember their past together and kiss in the hospital. They belong together - and I couldn't be happier.

9:54 pm: Whenever Hurley cries, I cry. "You're not supposed to die", he tells Jack - and I have to agree with him.

10:05 pm: After telling Desmond that he'll see him in "another life", Jack saves the island by turning the light back on, but it doesn't look too good for him.

10:10 pm: In Parallel Time, Locke arrives at a church, where Ben is sitting outside. Ben apologizes for killing him, and Locke forgives him. I still haven't made up my mind about the complex character of Ben, who did save Hurley's life during the island earthquake. Is he a good guy or a bad guy or a little of both?

10:14 pm: After Ben agrees to help Hurley protect the island - since Jack put Hurley in charge - the two men have a very brief but illuminating conversation outside the church in PT, in which Hurley tells Ben that he was a real good #2 and Ben says he was a great #1. And now I know that Parallel Time is actually the future - I think.

10:15 - 10:30 pm: As we see that Jack is somehow still alive on the island - but fading fast as he stumbles through the jungle - PT Jack discovers that his father's coffin in the church is empty. Dear ol' Dad appears to be alive at first, but he's really dead - and so is Jack - and they embrace. Apparently everyone in PT is dead, but they all died at different times - some before Jack and some long after Jack. And PT is a place that they all made together in order to remember, reunite, let go and move on. It's the "afterlife" - but I wonder if it's Jack's personal version of it. And I'm a bit confused about why Claire's son, Aaron, is still a newborn baby in the church scene - is he dead, too? But it's nice to see Penny and Libby again.

I love the final moments as Jack's father opens the church doors and lets the bright light in, while island Jack lies in the jungle with Vincent by his side. And then after seeing the plane carrying his friends in the sky above, Jack closes his eyes and dies. Just writing about it makes me tear up, so I guess the episode pushed all the right buttons for me and provided satisfying closure to the epic series. And because of that last scene with Jack and the dog, that's how I ended up petting my cats.

I also must mention Jimmy Kimmel's special Lost show, which had some funny lines from him about "Can't Find My Hairbrush Claire" and Angelina Jolie not being able to adopt Sun and Jin's orphaned baby. And the "alternate" endings he presented were amusing spoofs of Survivor, The Sopranos and Newhart, which had comedian Bob Newhart waking up in bed next to Evangeline Lilly.

I guess now it's time to let go and move on. I'm glad I "found" Lost and stuck with it during its many seasons of wild twists and turns. The series was fun, confusing and totally addictive, and it will forever remain one of my favorite shows.



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RandallHam said:


My dog was lying in bed with us as we watched the finale. I ended up hugging her and crying into her fur when Vincent came up to Jack and lay down next to him.
Good finale. Not a lot of mythology questions answered, but you know what? I don't really care about that. I did care about the characters, and for that, I got closure.

Marc Harshbarger said:


I watched the show because of the characters, not the mythology - which was interesting but often confusing - so the finale did provide closure for me as well. And thanks, Randall, for letting me know that I wasn't the only one who hugged their pet after the ending. :)

MrSnyder said:

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I was drawn to LOST for it's character driven stories. Then really got into the mystery of it all. Some of the twists were ... well twisting (if that's a word).

Now, that's it's all over with (and I'm still trying to deal with it all) I felt it ended really well. For the mystery aspect I still have questions (Why did Ben and Locke end up in Tunisia after turning the donkey wheel? Just what did Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore really know about the island and what brought them there? How did the Darhma Initiative learn of the island?) Do I feel jilted that I don't? NO! DO I feel they went with a cop-out making the sideways timeline purgatory? NO! My one complaint with the final ep was the death of Smoky needed more beef. But, over all I felt the finale was very well done and fitting for the show.

Marc Harshbarger said:


I agree with you. The show ended well. Unfortunately, I can't answer any of your questions - but hopefully someday one of the creators will spill the beans.

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