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A Tribute To Ron Santo: Audio Edition

Whether you were a Cubs fan or not, you had to love Ron Santo's passion for baseball.  And that passion shined through each and every day as the radio analyst for the Chicago Cubs.  There were so many hysterical moments each and every year with Ronnie, and the conversations between him and Pat Hughes were great.

Here are some of those great moments to listen back to, and enjoy.

Ron: Flossing and Cake

"They Oughta Shoot Him"


Ron yells at a fan in San Diego
ronny yells at fans.wav

Ron and Pat discuss his famous hair piece
ron's hairpiece segment.mp3

Ron's reactions were as good as any.  He embodied the Cubs fans' spirit every play.
ron mad reactions.WAV

There are countless other moments that exemplify Ron and the humor and entertainment he brought to the broadcast.  I would love to hear your favorite moments or post a clip if you have it of your favorite Ronnie moment.

Ron Santo Dies at 70

I just finished hosting a 3 1/2 hour tribute show to Ron Santo who died this morning from complications of bladder cancer at the age of 70. I was privileged to call Ron a close friend and a broadcasting colleague at WGN Radio for the past 16 seasons. Ron wore his emotions on his sleeve and he was as real as a person could get.

The toughness that he displayed while dealing with a myriad of health problems over the past decade never dampened his love for life and the sunny disposition with which he chose to live every single day. Ron was a tremendous role model for millions of diabetics and for countless others who looked to him for inspiration as they battled their own serious health problems.

Below are some photos of Ron from both his playing days and from his life at WGN Radio as the analyst on the Chicago Cubs radio network. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Ron, we love you.

Gallery sneak peek (21 images):

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Kap and Caller Chuck

If you haven't seen this video yet, you've got to check it out.  A loyal listener, Edwardo, made this video with the audio from the Cubs 10th Inning Postgame show which I was hosting on Monday night. 

I was drilling Alfonso Soriano on the show for the double he hit on Monday night against the Mets that should have been a triple.  Instead of hustling out of the batters box, as he should have, he was holding his bat high in the air, admiring what he thought was a homer.  So in ranting on this, I had to address it, and caller Chuck...well, let's just say didn't like it.


Send this to your friends, retweet it, post it on your facebook.  And thanks to Edwardo for the great work.  This is great!




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The response to this series has been overwhelming, so I decided to bring them to my blog where you can listen over and over again, and share with your friends. Enjoy!


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