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The Cubs Managerial Search

The Cubs managerial search is rolling along as GM Jim Hendry continues to his homework on several candidates both in-house and outside the organization. He has interviewed Eric Wedge (just named the manager of the Seattle Mariners), Don Wakamatsu, Bob Melvin, Ryne Sandberg, Mike Quade, and others and he has talked to several baseball types he knows around the game to hear their thoughts and opinions.

Before he makes a hire he had better look himself in the mirror and realize that the last two full time managers of this team were unwilling to hold players accountable despite coming in with reputations as locker room leaders. From the ridiculousness that derailed the 2004 Cubs to the antics of Carlos Zambrano this season no one has ever had the courage to lay down the law and be the tough guy that the Cubs have needed for far too long. That is squarely on the field manager and upper management who did absolutely nothing to control the players who let the broadcasters and the extraneous noise distract them in 2004 to Lou Piniella completely losing his team in 2010 as the season spiraled out of control. Set down a way to play and let no one operate outside the rules. Period, end of story. If a player misses a team flight because of his birthday then he doesn't pitch no matter who he is (think Big Z in 2009). If a player doesn't run hard out of the box then he is removed from the game and he sits. Whether he signed a 136 million dollar contract or is a minimum salaried rookie. Operate that way and you have a chance. Anything less and you will lose the respect of your team very quickly.
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Who Would You Put On A Chicago Sports Mt. Rushmore?

A great topic of debate is who are the best athletes in Chicago Sports history. But how do you ask that question? Is it the best athlete? Or is it the most individually dominant in terms of statistics? Or perhaps you ask is it the guy who has won the most championships?

So here is how I have decided to ask the question. If you had to carve a Mt. Rushmore of Chicago sports who would be the four men who would have their likenesses carved into your tribute to their greatness?

Below I have pictures of the players that I have nominated. Am I missing someone? Please post a comment with your nominees and your thoughts. Soon I will have a competition to crown the winners based on your voting. However, I have to make sure that the ballot is correctly done. And for that I need your help. So please weigh in. Thanks, Kap

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So is Sammy Sosa a Hall of Famer or Not?

With today's breaking news reported by the New York Times that Sammy Sosa tested positive in 2003 for using performance enhancing drugs (PED's) public opinion is expected to decidely move against Sosa's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Sammy blew up over a 5 year period starting in 1998 when he seemed to be growing larger and larger as if he was being inflated with an air hose. His stats were huge, yes.  But it was obvious back then and was proven today with the news of his positive drug test that he, like many other players ,was cheating. In addition, Sosa was a prima donna in the clubhouse with many of his teammates questioning his commitment to the team and openly ridiculing his me first behavior.

There is no question that several players participated in the smashing of his boom box at the end of the 2004 season with Kerry Wood fingered by many as the ringleader. However, had he achieved his tremendous stats without the benefit of steroids he would have been a lock for Cooperstown no matter what many of his teammates thought of him.

Now though, Sosa becomes just another name in a sad chapter in baseball history. Recently, Sosa announced his retirement from the game and said "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don't I have the numbers to be inducted?" Yes, Sammy you have the numbers but unfortunately how you achieved them is the problem. If I have a Hall of Fame vote when Sosa's name appears on the ballot Sammy can count on one thing, he won't get my vote.


Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds in happier times....2003


By the way, here is Sammy's statement from 2005, judge for yourself:

"To be clear," ... "I have never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs. I have never injected myself or had anyone inject me with anything"


NOW should Sammy Sosa go in the Hall of Fame?

Last week I asked if Sammy Sosa should be admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame and it was almost a draw. Now, with news that Sosa tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003, I'm asking the question again:

Question of the day: Should Sosa enter the Hall of Fame?


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