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I Have Seen The Light....The Bowl System Has to Stay

I have been among the more vocal critics of the BCS since its inception because there have been several instances where an undefeated team has been left out of the national championship game because of the computers that determine BCS rankings.

I have tried to formulate a playoff proposal that would allow everyone in the country a shot at winning the national title, but after looking at several different scenarios from a "Plus One" to a 4, 8, and even a 16 team playoff, I have come to realize that such a system would do irreparable harm to the tradition-filled bowls season.

Let's look first at the college football regular season, which is without a doubt the most compelling of any regular season in American sport. Lose just one game, and your shot at a title could be gone. That means a team better be prepared to play each and every week. That also means that fans will be locked on every play of every game all season long knowing that one bad game can erase a season of outstanding play.

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