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Handicapping the Wild Card Playoffs

It was a thrilling Saturday in the NFL Playoffs that saw the largest home field underdog in NFL playoff history win outright and then saw the New York Jets upset the Indianapolis Colts on the road finally giving Rex Ryan a victory over Peyton Manning. Now, there are two more games today that are very interesting to watch and to handicap.

Baltimore at Kansas City

The Chiefs are a 3 point home underdog and they are coming off of a horrible performance in a home loss to the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. Can Matt Cassell and Co. rally the troops and play well against one of the league's best defensive units? Can the Chiefs defense handle Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and a very solid offensive line?

How about Baltimore and their awesome defense? Can Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and their mates control Cassell and the solid Kansas City running game? Who wins the special teams battle? This game should be close and despite what some believe I see it a more high scoring affair that comes down to the turnover battle.

**As always, these selections are for entertainment purposes only**

Game One

Baltimore -3 over Kansas City
Baltimore/Kansas City OVER 41

Game Two

Green Bay +3 over Philadelphia
Green Bay/Philadelphia UNDER 47

I can see the Eagles winning but not covering the spread. I also see the game being a much more low scoring contest than many expect simply because both teams have excellent offenses and both teams have struggled as of late with Green Bay scoring only 10 points at home in a win over the Bears and Philadelphia losing their last two games both of which were at home.

I will be back with a look at the BCS Championship game tomorrow. Have a great day!

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - January 2, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here we go:

**As always these picks are for information purposes only**

Top Plays

Pittsburgh -6 over Cleveland
Indianapolis - over Tennessee
Atlanta -14 over Carolina
Green Bay -10 over Bears

Best Bet

Kansas City -4 1/2 over Oakland

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - December 26, 2010

I hope that you had a great Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season! With this time of year comes some great sports on TV like the Heat at the Lakers which was a star studded match-up on Christmas Day. Also, Saturday night's NFL match-up between Dallas and Arizona may not have had playoff implications but it was a tremendously entertaining game that went down to the wire.

Today's slate of games have some very important battles that can decide playoff fates and home field advantage. The game at Soldier Field in Chicago between the Bears and the Jets is important to both teams so we should see a very intense battle.

I  see several games that I find intriguing so let's get right to it with our picks for today.

**As always these selections are for entertainment purposes only**

Top Plays
Houston -3 over Denver
Tennessee/Kansas City OVER 42
San Diego/Cincinnati UNDER 44
Tampa Bay -6 over Seattle
Indianapolis -3 over Oakland

Best Bet

2 Team Teaser on New England (-8 1/2) and San Diego (-8)

Gallery sneak peek (2 images):

View the gallery...

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - December 19, 2010

Okay, the Christmas season is here and today many of you will be celebrating with family and friends while you also watch NFL football. The Bears will play on Monday Night Football against the Vikings at the University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium. There has been much consternation this week about playing the game outdoors but the Bears need to forget all of that distraction and take care of business against a Vikings team that is up the track in the NFC North. When New England beats Green Bay the Bears will have their chance to clinch the division with a win over Minnesota.

Here we go with today's picks....

**As always these selections are for entertainment purposes only**

Top Plays

Dallas -7 over Washington
New Orleans +1.5 over Baltimore
Miami -5.5 over Buffalo

Best Bet

Oakland -7.5 over Denver
Denver at Oakland OVER 42

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - December 5th

Okay, after some time off which included a little vacation I am back with my NFL picks against the spread. There are a handful of games that I find intriguing including the Monday night battle that has the NY Jets on the road at New England. The Bears are at Detroit and the line on that game keeps rising. It opened at 3 and now it is at 5 1/2 and headed north. I just don't see how the Bears don't pound the Lions today with Detroit starting career backup Drew Stanton under center.

(**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**)

Top Plays

Pittsburgh +3.5 over Baltimore
Miami -4 over Cleveland
Kansas City -8.5 over Denver
Tennessee -3.5 over Jacksonville

Best Bet

Bears -5 over Detroit

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - November 7th

A very good week picking games last Sunday as I went 4-1 only losing on the Dallas Cowboys who were awful in a loss to Jacksonville. This week is an interesting one as the Bears come off of their bye week and play the 0-7 Buffalo Bills who were beaten in overtime each of the last two weeks on the road by Baltimore and Kansas City.

Here we go for Week 9 in the NFL....

(**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**)

New York Giants -7
San Diego Chargers -3
New Orleans Saints -6 1/2
Dallas +8
Baltimore -5

Best Bet
Chicago Bears on the money line (I am not comfortable laying the 3 points)

Sunday - October 31st in the NFL

After a day off yesterday it's time to get back at it and handicap today's card in the NFL. The Bears are enjoying a bye week and getting ready to play the Buffalo Bills in Toronto next Sunday. Will Brett Favre start today against the New England Patriots? I fully expect him to start and play well. That is just what Brett Favre does. However, with both the Vikings and the Packers (who play at the New York Jets) facing tough games the Bears have a chance to pick up a full game on each of their division rivals.

So away we go....

(*As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**)

Top Plays

Tampa Bay +3
Dallas -6.5
San Diego -4
Detroit -2

Best Bet

Oakland -2

Sunday's NFL vs the Spread - October 24th

I went 4-3 in college football yesterday with Northwestern costing me a 5-2 day when they blew a 17-0 lead and couldn't finish against Michigan State at Ryan Field in Evanston. Navy should have been our play of the day as they destroyed Notre Dame. Are the natives getting restless already in South Bend considering this is Brian Kelly's first year on the Irish sidelines? I am hearing from impeccable sources close to the program that Kelly's brief honeymoon is over.

Okay, onto the NFL where there are eight games with spreads at 4 or under. A tough week but there are a handful of games that I like. Good luck!

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

Washington +3 over Bears
San Francisco/Carolina OVER 35
Arizona +7 over Seattle
Tennessee -3 over Philadelphia

Top Play

Pittsburgh -3 over Miami

Saturday's College Football Picks Against the Spread - October 23rd

I am off to call the Central Michigan at Northern Illinois football game on Comcast SportsNet so before I head to DeKalb let's get right to my picks for today's college football action.

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Top Plays

Hawaii -3.5
Northwestern +6
Indiana +14
Indiana/Illinois OVER 54
Navy +6.5
TCU -18

Play of the Day

SMU -8

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - Oct. 17th

I took yesterday off from making picks but I am back at it again today with a handful of selections on the card. The Bears have a very winnable game at home against the Seattle Seahawks and have a real chance to take solid control of the division while the rest of the NFC North teams have very tough games on their schedule. Green Bay has a tough battle in Lambeau Field against the Miami Dolphins. The Minnesota Vikings host the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions play at New York against the Giants which are all very tough contests to win.

Here are my picks for the day games. I will have a pick on tonight's game later today.

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Top Plays

Minnesota -1.5 over Dallas
Dallas at Minnesota OVER 44
Seattle at Bears OVER 37
Denver Broncos +3.5 over NY Jets

Play of the Day

Baltimore +3 over New England

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread - Oct. 10th

After a rough Saturday in college football it is time to rebound with today's NFL card. I have a handful of games that I like including my Best Bet of the Year so far.

So Away We Go!

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

Detroit -3
Buffalo -1
Kansas City +7 1/2
San Francisco on the money line


San Diego -6 1/2

Saturday's College Football Picks

Here we go on a gorgeous football Saturday....

There are several games I like including the rivalry showdown between Michigan State and Michigan in Ann Arbor which will mark the return to coach from MSU coach Mark Dantonio who suffered a heart attack after the Spartans dramatic win over Notre Dame.

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

Stanford -9 over USC
Iowa State +6 1/2 over Utah

Best Bets

Michigan -4 over Michigan State
Alabama -7 over South Carolina
Tulane -1 over Army

Also, here are the picks from my friend Mr. BCS (who just finished a book on the joke that is the BCS) and now would like to be known by the name BCS Buster :)

Tennessee +11 1/2 over Georgia
Michigan State + 4 1/2 over Michigan
Notre Dame -6 over Pittsburgh
Florida State +6 over Miami
USC +9 over Stanford 

Sunday October 3rd - NFL Picks

Yesterday we came oh so close to a great day in college football as our pick on Boise State going over 60 fell short as they won 59-0. I was surprised to see Notre Dame drill Boston College but give the Irish a a lot of credit as they played very well. Also, Northwestern rallied to win but had several miscues that kept the game closer than it should have been.

Here is today in the NFL against the spread:

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Solid Plays

New York Giants -3 1/2 over the Bears
Buffalo +6 over the New York Jets
Tennessee -7 over Denver
San Diego -9 1/2 over Arizona

Best Bet

Houston/Oakland OVER
Bears/New York Giants OVER 44

Saturday - October 2nd College Football Picks

4-3 in college football last week after going 5-0 two weeks ago. Here are today's first round of plays. **(As always these are for entertainment purposes only)**

Solid Plays

Illinois +18 over Ohio State
Toledo +5 over Wyoming
Iowa -7 over Penn State
Northwestern -5 over Minnesota
Michigan State -1.5 over Wisconsin
Navy/Air Force OVER 48

Best Bets

Boise State at New Mexico State OVER 60
Boston College +4 over Notre Dame

More to come later. Good Luck!!

Sunday - September 26th - NFL Picks vs the Spread

I went 4-3 in college football on Saturday winning with my Best Bet on Stanford who drilled Notre Dame 37-14 in South Bend. I also had solid winners on Northern Illinois, Auburn and West Virginia but I was surprised to lose convincingly on Bowling Green who was destroyed at Michigan as well as losing on Boston College who was shut out at home by Virginia Tech.

Onto Sunday's slate in the NFL where I found several intriguing match-ups including winless San Francisco who is favored at undefeated Kansas City. I'll be back with the Sunday night game later Sunday afternoon as well as a pick Monday afternoon on the MNF battle at Soldier Field between the Bears and the Packers.

**As always, these picks are for entertainment purposes only.**

Solid Plays

Cincinnati -3 over Carolina
Atlanta +4 over New Orleans
Washington/St. Louis OVER 38.5
Baltimore -10.5 over Cleveland
Houston -3 over Dallas
San Francisco -2.5 over Kansas City

Best Bet

San Francisco at Kansas City OVER 37

Saturday - September 25th College Football Picks

Here we go....Interesting card in college football today with some statement games on the schedule including Boise State trying to add to their resume with a win over Oregon State in Boise. Also, Notre Dame tries to rebound from an overtime loss at Michigan State when they take on undefeated Stanford in South Bend.

Here are my picks in college football and as always....**These are for entertainment purposes only.**

Last week's college football record: 5-0

Solid Plays:

Auburn -2.5 over South Carolina
West Virginia +10 over LSU
Boston College -4 over Virginia Tech
Marshall -5 over Ohio
Bowling Green +25.5 over Michigan
Northern Illinois +4.5 over Minnesota

Best Bet:

Stanford -5 1/2 over Notre Dame

Sunday September 19th in the NFL

Saturday was great day handicapping the college card as I went 5-0 against the spread. Our Lock of the Day was a winner with Indiana covering over Western Kentucky and our Best Bet saw Michigan State beat Notre Dame as the Spartans were a winner in overtime on a fake field goal. The spread on that game was 3-3.5 all day long and if you followed my advice I told you to pick MSU on the money line so that you wouldn't lose on the 3.5 point line. Imagine having MSU minus the points and losing because the extra point wasn't kicked in the OT.

Sunday's NFL slate is a tough one but there are a handful of games that are very interesting including the 1-0 Kansas City Chiefs who are on the road at the 0-1 Cleveland Browns. Also, the Bears are at Dallas in a game that has seen the line move from 9.5 all the way down to 7.

Without further adieu here are the picks for Sunday in the NFL. (As always these are for entertainment purposes only).

Solid Plays

Buffalo +13.5 over Green Bay
Tennessee -6
Jacksonville +7.5
New York Giants +6

Best Bet

Houston -4 over Washington
Kansas City +2 over Cleveland

Sunday NFL vs the Spread

Saturday was a great day in college football with Ohio State dominating Miami and Alabama drilling Penn State as well as a classic game in South Bend that saw Michigan blow a 21-17 lead late in the 4th quarter before roaring back in the final minute to stun the Irish 28-24. I had a strong day going 4-1 winning on Michigan as an outright underdog winner and winning with Alabama and Stanford who both cruised to comfortable wins. Our only loss came on Vanderbilt who struggled offensively in a loss to LSU. That was more than made up for though by a winner with our Best Play which saw Wake Forest beat Duke as a 5 1/2 point underdog.

Here are today's picks in the NFL: (As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only):

San Francisco - 3 at Seattle
Cincinnati +5 at New England
Houston + 2 1/2 vs Indianapolis
Bears vs Lions OVER 45

The Sunday night game will be up this afternoon and the Monday night game will be up tomorrow. The rest of the late games will be added if I find something I like during the early games.

Have Fun!

Saturday's College Football Picks Against The Spread

Here are today's college football picks against the spread. As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only. Have fun! Kap

Solid Plays

Michigan +3 1/2 at Notre Dame
Alabama -12 1/2 vs Penn State
Vanderbilt +10 vs LSU
Stanford -6 at UCLA

Best Play of the Day

Wake Forest  -5 1/2 vs Duke

College Football Picks Against The Spread

Throughout the football season I will make my picks against the spread. Here are Saturday's best plays. Please check back frequently as I will update my picks throughout the day.

Illinois vs Missouri  OVER 53
Washington +1 over BYU
Purdue +11 over Notre Dame
Kansas State +1.5 over UCLA

Best Pick
Northwestern - 3.5 over Vanderbilt

I also have the picks listed below from one of my crew at CSN - A guy that I'll call Mr. BCS

Here are his best picks of the weekend:


Handicapping This Week in the NFL

Alrighty then....It's time to see how we can do picking against the spread on today's slate of games in the National Football League. Can our Bears finally dominate an opponent in the 1-10 St. Louis Rams? How about the run the once 0-6 Tennessee Titans are on? Can they keep it going on the road at 11-0 Indy? And will the Vikings keep rolling with a huge game on Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix?

**As always these selections are for entertainment purposes only**


Green Bay - 3 vs Baltimore

Best of the Rest

New England -4 over Miami
Seattle +1 over San Francisco
Pittsburgh -15 over Oakland
NY Giants +1 over Dallas
St. Louis/Bears over 40


Sunday's Football Picks

After a break for vacation it's time to see if we can keep up the hot streak we were on in the NFL. I have a handful of picks today so let's see if I can hit em' all as I did a few weeks back.

**As always these are for entertainment purposes only**

Best Bet

Minnesota -10 over Seattle


Cleveland at Detroit over 37
Detroit -2 1/2
Atlanta +7 1/2
Baltimore +1
Denver +5
Chicago + 3 1/2

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread

Here are today's picks against the spread....

*As always these selections are for entertainment purposes only*

Best Bet

Dallas -9 1/2

Other Picks

Minnesota +3
Tennessee -2 1/2
San Francisco +13
Bears/Cleveland Under 41 1/2
Oakland +17

Sunday in the NFL

Okay, here we go with my NFL picks against the spread. It's an interesting day and while the card isn't great I am looking forward to watching the Steelers host the Vikings and the Cardinals visit the Giants. Of course those are just appetizers for a main course of the Bears at the Bengals.

**As always, these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Best Bets

Dallas -4 over Atlanta
Bears at Bengals over 43

Other Picks

Green Bay at Cleveland over 41
Minnesota +6 at Pittsburgh
Oakland +6 1/2 over NY Jets
Arizona +7 at NY Giants

Round One - Weekend Football Picks

There are some very intriguing games this weekend in both college football and on the NFL schedule. I am really looking forward to watching the rivalry game in South Bend as Notre Dame tries to avoid a letdown after a tough comeback and eventual loss to USC with Boston College rolling into Notre Dame Stadium.

Iowa is undefeated and after a 2nd half comeback on the road at Wisconsin they are starting to make believers out of those that have doubted their staying power. However, another tough game is up next with a night time battle at Michigan State much tougher than most would expect. I will have more games for you as the weekend unfolds. Have fun and enjoy! Kap

**As always these picks are for entertainment purposes only**


Duke -4 over Maryland
Illinois +11 at Purdue
Michigan State +2 vs Iowa
Northwestern -4 1/2 vs Indiana

South Florida +6 1/2 at Pittsburgh
Miami, OH +11 1/2 vs Northern Illinois
Georgia Tech -5 at Virginia
BYU +5 1/2

Best Bet is listed in bold. More to come.

Weekend Football Picks

There aren't a ton of great match-ups this weekend in either college or the NFL but as I looked over the slate of games a few jumped out at me so here we go with my weekly picks against the spread.

**As always these are for entertainment purposes only**



Auburn -13 over Kentucky

Best of the Rest

Stanford +4 over Arizona
Indiana +3 over Illinois
Central Florida +14 over Miami, FL


Pittsburgh -14
Philadelphia -14
Atlanta -3
San Diego -3

Sunday's NFL Picks Against the Spread

I took yesterday off from making picks but I did watch some outstanding college football including Florida's win at LSU which could have been a bigger blowout but definitely established Florida as a far superior team. I also watched Alabama drill Ole Miss on the road and look almost as good as Florida in doing it.

An Alabama/Florida game would be absolutely phenomenal to see because these are, by far the two best teams in the country. It's too bad that they probably won't meet for the national title but whenever they play it should go down as the best game we've seen in years.

Now on to week 5 in the NFL. There is a decent slate of games but it is not one of those jaw dropping cards that is loaded with tremendous match ups. The best game on the board is probably New England at Denver but I am also looking forward to watching Atlanta at San Francisco to find out if Mike Singletary's 49ers are for real. Also, if you would like to read a great handicapping column each week check out Matt Youmans in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Good luck!

**As always, these picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Best Bet #1

Carolina -4 over Washington

The Panthers are in desperation mode and the Redskins are the right opponent to have as their offense is struggling big time. Look for John Fox and Co. to win by 7-10 as Redskins owner Dan Snyder gets ready to fire his coach, Jim Zorn.

Best Bet #2

Kansas City +8 over Dallas

According to VegasInsider.com, road teams that faced 0-4 opponents the past five seasons went 1-5 ATS. According to Playbook.com, Kansas City is 17-2 ATS as a home underdog of four or more points versus an opponent with at least one loss. The Cowboys have been struggling and while the Chiefs are not good they should be tough enough getting 8 points.

Best Bet #3

New England -2 1/2 at Denver

The Broncos projected win total in Las Vegas when the season started was 6 1/2 and they are already 4-0 so the team that many of the experts thought was going to be one of the NFL's worst is obviously much better than we thought. However, they haven't played anyone the caliber of New England so today's game will be a huge barometer of just how good they really are. I don't believe they are as good as the Patriots so I say lay the points and watch what should be a very entertaining football game.

Other Picks

Tennessee +4 over Indianapolis
Tennessee/Indianapolis over 44
Houston/Arizona over 50

Monday Night Football Prediction

After a 4-2 record on Sunday it's time to take a look at the MNF match up between the Vikings and the Packers in Minneapolis tonight. The environment should be electric as Brett Favre takes on his old team on the national TV stage.

The latest line has the Vikings as 5 point favorites and the total at 46 1/2 and that line concerns me because it was -3 last Monday. Too many people believe this is going to be a blowout and that is when we usually see a fabulous game develop.

I would be careful laying 5 or more and if you can play the money line on Minnesota that is the way to go.

**As always these predictions are for entertainment purposes only**

Monday Night Football Play  

Minnesota Vikings -5 but not a strong play
Minnesota Vikings on the money line
Minnesota Vikings over 46 1/2

Good luck and enjoy what should be a fabulous game to watch!

Sunday's NFL Picks

I had a 2-2 record on Saturday because I decided not to post three other games that I liked. I looked at Michigan State -3 over Michigan (MSU covered -3). I also liked Nevada over in state rival UNLV (Nevada won big 63-28 to easily cover -4) and after broadcasting Idaho's win at NIU last week I really liked Idaho + 4 1/2  at home against Colorado State (Idaho wins outright 31-29). However, I didn't have access to a computer yesterday afternoon as I was doing the play by play on the NIU win over Western Michigan so I couldn't get them to you.

Now, let's turn our attention to the NFL. There are some intriguing match-ups including the awesome defense of the Baltimore Ravens against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Jets and the Saints will also be a tremendous game to watch as the Jets defense is improving under new head coach Rex Ryan and the Saints offense is the best in the NFL. Plus, our Bears have a date with the Lions at Soldier Field.

**As always these selections are for entertainment purposes only**

Best Bet

New Orleans -6.5 over New York Jets

The Saints have a tremendously explosive offense and at home they are very tough to slow down. They looked great in winning at Philadelphia last week and while the Jets are improved over last year I don't see rookie QB Mark Sanchez being able to engineer enough scoring to keep up with New Orleans in the Crescent City.

Best Bet #2

Lions/Bears over 40 1/2

The Lions defense is banged up and we know all about the Bears LB's who are missing Brian Urlacher and Pisa Tinoisamoa. The Bears could also be without MLB Hunter Hillenmeyer and Lance Briggs was in a walking boot earlier in the week. Look for a Bears win with the game going over the total.

Best Bet #3

New York Giants -9 at Kansas City

The Giants are a solid football team with a legit shot at winning another Super Bowl. On the other side of the line you have the Chiefs who have a new coach, a new philosophy, and an uphill climb to win this football game. A cardinal rule in Las Vegas is to never play a team in its third straight road game. This is just that situation for New York but they are the better team today by a wide margin so I will go against that theory and see if the G-Men can get it done. The Chiefs are getting better and they will have their day but it won't be today.

Other Plays

Dallas -3 at Denver
Houston -9 over Oakland
Tennessee -3 at Jacksonville

I will have a write-up on the Green Bay at Minnesota game on Monday afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday! Kap 

This Weekend's College Football Plays

Last week's Best Bet was a winner with Georgia Tech beating North Carolina 24-7 and easily covering the spread which was -3. However, the rest of the weekend's college picks didn't go as well as I struggled losing the last three.

It's time to turn it around so here we go with this weekend's selections against the point spread.

**These selections are for entertainment purposes only.**

Best Bet

Tulsa -16 vs. Rice

Tulsa's offensive attack scored 63 points against Rice a year ago and today they should also roll up the points against a much more inexperienced Rice defense. Tulsa struggled against Oklahoma losing 45-0 but have won their other three games and all by blowouts. I'd lay the points and take Tulsa.

Northwestern +8

The Wildcats blew a 2nd half lead last week in a loss to Minnesota at home. Now they have to go on the road and battle a Purdue team that knows it let in state rival Notre Dame off the hook in a rare, nationally televised night game from West Lafayette last Saturday evening. NU has a playmaker at QB in Mike Kafka and I look for Northwestern to score points and control the clock.

Other Plays I like:

Florida State +4 over Boston College
Georgia -3 over LSU

Weekend Football Picks

As I do every weekend I pick the games that I like against the spread in both college and the NFL. This weekend's games are very intriguing and I found several that I like a lot because of the way the injuries are happening and the fact that a handful of teams have their backs against the wall.

**Enjoy and as always these picks are for entertainment purposes only.**



North Carolina at Georgia Tech (-3)

The Yellow Jackets were beaten by the Tar Heels a year ago 28-7 but this was a close game that was broken open in the 4th quarter by three Tech turnovers. North Carolina is a solid team but they are not spectacular and I don't expect them to go into Atlanta and beat Georgia Tech.

Other College Picks

Northwestern +1 over Minnesota
LSU -14 over Mississippi State
Kansas -13.5 over Southern Mississippi


Tennessee+3 over NY Jets
Houston -3 over Jacksonville
Oakland +1.5 over Denver
Arizona -2.5 over Indianapolis
Minnesota -7 over San Francisco

Best Bet is in Bold

Handicapping Week 2 in the NFL

After an okay day in college football where I went 3-2 and hit the Michigan State/Notre Dame game (but I can't count it since I decided to advise you to stay away) it is time to look at the slate of games in Week 2 of the NFL.

**As always, the following picks are for entertainment purposes only**

Oakland +3 at Kansas City

The Raiders lost a tough game against San Diego on Monday night and now they have to come back on  a short week. However, they have much more firepower than the Chiefs and this is only week 2 when players are still relatively fresh and not banged up. Look for Oakland to stretch the field and to handle the Chiefs relatively easily.

Pittsburgh -3 at Chicago

I would love to pick the Bears here but since I picked them on TV to start the season 0-3 back in August I will stick with what I felt deep down before the season started. This is not a great football team because they have no depth at wide receiver, the defense (before Brian Urlacher went down) was questionable and now it is really suspect. The defensive backfield is mediocre and against Ben Roethlisberger that can be a real problem. The Bears should come out ready to play in their home opener after a tough loss at Green Bay. Lay the points as the Steelers win and cover.

New Orleans -1 at Philadelphia

The Saints can score in a big way and with Donovan McNabb probably out with a rib injury it will be very tough for the Eagles to keep pace if the game turn into a shootout. The key will be if the Philadelphia defense can slow down Drew Brees and limit his effectiveness in the Saints passing game. I don't believe they can so I am pick New Orleans to grab a big road victory.

Buffalo -4 vs Tampa Bay

I know that the Bills literally handed the game last Monday night to the Patriots after Leodis McKelvin fumbled a kickoff that he should have never tried to return late in the fourth quarter. I know that they are on a short week of preparation after playing on Monday night. However, this is a pretty good football team and head coach Dick Jauron usually has his team ready to play. I look for Buffalo to rebound with a win at home.

Long Shot 6 Team Parlay Play

New Orleans
Green Bay
Dallas on the money line

Saturday's College Football Picks

Every week I will pick a number of college and NFL football games against the spread. So if you are in a college football pool please make sure you check in every week for my exclusive selections. Please feel free to re-tweet this out to the world!

Last week's results:

College: 2-4
NFL: 3-1  

**Please note: These selections are for entertainment purposes only**

Arkansas -2 over Georgia

This is the third tough game in three weeks for Georgia and the Razorbacks have had two weeks to prepare for this one. The environment will be loud and festive and in this statement game for Bobby Petrino's program the Razorbacks will get the job done.

BYU -8 over Florida State

The Seminoles will have their hands full dealing with a very good Cougar team that has experience and a standout QB in Max Hall. FSU has speed and athleticism but they don't have the depth to hang with BYU in Provo.

Auburn -7 over West Virginia

Auburn Coach Gene Chizik was booed when he got off the plane for his introductory news conference but he has turned the Tigers faithful around with a very exciting offense and and a deep and talented roster. Georgia has had two straight tough games and they are a bit banged up. Lay the points here as Auburn wins by 10.

Tennessee +30 over Florida

I know that everybody who covers college football is thinking that the bad blood between Florida coach Urban Meyer and Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin will lead Florida to run up the score and cover a huge line between two quality programs. In the end all Meyer really cares about is winning this game and keeping his guys healthy. I don't see them running it just to prove a point. Florida wins easy but the Vols cover

Nebraska +6 over Virginia Tech

The Huskers have had their struggles on the road and quarterback Zac Lee is a first year starter but I have a feeling that Nebraska will take full advantage of a great opportunity to make a statement away from Lincoln. Virginia Tech has to run the ball very well to control the game and against the Nebraska defense that won't be easy. Take the points and don't be surprised if Nebraska wins this game outright.

Stay Away Game of the Week

Michigan State +10 at Notre Dame

The Spartans have won 6 straight games at Notre Dame Stadium which is the longest streak in the history of that great venue. The pressure on Charlie Weis is huge and if his Fighting Irish don't get the job done it could be the beginning of the end for him as the ND coach. However, ND has a better QB, a deeper roster of talent, and they have the home crowd. The intangible is the pressure on the program to win this game. I would lean on MSU to cover but lose the game. Stay away!

My NFL picks will be up late tonight. Have a great day! Kap

My Weekly College and NFL Picks

Each week I will post my picks in college and the NFL. These picks are for entertainment purposes only! Have fun and post a comment with your picks of the week! Kap


Ohio State +7.5
Notre Dame -3  
Air Force +3.5    
Penn State -27
South Carolina +7
Buffalo +10.5


Minnesota -4
Dallas -5.5
Atlanta -4
Houston -4

My thoughts on the Bears/Packers game is one of trepidation about the Bears chances at Lambeau Field. The Packers looked very solid in the pre season and they have a tremendous offense with an excellent quarterback going up against a very questionable Bears secondary. If the Bears cannot put excellent pressure on Aaron Rodgers then it could be a high scoring affair and a potentially tough night for the Bears. However, if the Bears can get to Rodgers then it should take some of the heat off of the defensive backfield and if they can run the ball fairly effectively then they should keep Rodgers off of the field and set up Cutler for a big night. Prediction: Green Bay 30-27 

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